What are a jackals enemies?


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hawks,eagles,vultures, and leopards

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Their enemies are humans, wolves and leopards.

The sand cat has a variety of enemies. These include venomous snakes, jackals, owls, as well as humans. Sand cats can be killed in traps made for foxes and jackals.

A fennec foxes' enemies are vultures, jackals, pesticides but it's main enemies are caracals,eagles and owls.

lions, leopards, cheetahs, jackals hyenas, crocodiles and many other predators

Some of the leopards enemies in Africa are lions, hyenas, jackals, walruses, vultures, adult wildebeest, and adult male elephants.

Adult ostriches have few enemies but the ones they do have include larger cats such as lions. Ostrich chicks have a high mortality rate and can fall prey to jackals, hyenas, birds of prey, and vultures.

Yes, jackals are omnivores.

The Jackals was created in 1967.

Jackals are about 3ft high at the shoulder.

no, but hyenas will eat jackals

The duration of The Jackals is 1.6 hours.

Jackals are carnivores. So they eat meat.

All Jackals travel and hunt in packs.

The collective noun is a skulk of jackals.

Jackals are way too small to do that.

how do jackals protect them selfs

lions are afraid of jackals. jackals hunt in packs of five or six they have needle like teeth, when a lion captures a prey jackals have been known to take it from the lion.

leopords,hyenas,and eagles eat jackals you moron

Things that eat Jackals include leopards, hyena's, and eagles.

He has the head of a jackal because jackals guard the gates of cemeteries from invaders. Sometimes he can be seen as a full jackal to chase off enemies that cross into the cemetery

Adult pandas are the largest animal in their habitat and have no natural enemies. Young pandas are occasionally killed and eaten by jackals and snow leopards.

An adult giant panda is the largest animal in its habitat and has no predators. Snow leopards and jackals are known to kill and eat young pandas, however.

Black backed jackals can sprint at 40 mph maximum.

well jackals produce light by haveing candal in side of it

In Halo 4 there are two species of enemy. The Covenant and the Prometheans. The Covenant consists of grunts, jackals, skirmishers, elites, and hunters. The Prometheans are the crawlers, knights, and watchers.

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