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active : a volcano which is expected to erupt again or will erupt again etna

dormant : a volcano which has erupted in the last 2000 years but not recently eg Mt Baker

extinct : a volcano which will not erupt again eg killimanjaro

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Merapi is not dormant or extinct. It is active.

The type of volcano does not determine its level of activity. A volcanic dome may be active, dormant, or extinct.

Dormant is a "sleeping" volcano that can become active and an extinct volcano is "dead"

The volcano under Lake Taupo is dormant.

Diamond head is not active, it is extinct

Active Volcano, Dormant Volcano, and Extinct Volcano.

What type a volcano is has nothing do do with its level of activity. A shield volcano may be active, dormant, or extinct.

"WhatIS IT CALLED when a Volcano is not active" do you mean? It is known as Extinct or Dormant

It can be called an active, dormant or extinct volcano. An active volcano erupts regularly and frequently, however, it might not erupt at some times. A dormant volcano rarely erupts. Therefore, it does not erupt for most of the time. An extinct volcano does not erupt anymore.

Mt Vesuivius is a active volcano

the most active volcano in Antarctica

Dormant, the last one was in 2011 :D

it is the first volcano in history to be dormant, extinct, and active combined.

An Active volcano is one that has erupted at least once in the past 15,20years.An Extinct volcano has not erupted within the past 15,20 years.A Dormant volcano is an Active volcano that is not currently erupting but can erupt anytime.

yes it is because it spits out fumes that prove it is active

The difference between an Dormant and A extinct volcano is the Dormant volcano: is Known not to erupt and an Extinct: volcano will not erupti

An 'extinct' volcano means that it cannot become active again. However, if a volcano is classed as 'dormant' then there is the chance that it can once again become active.

Mauna Loa is considered to be an active volcano.

It is considered active because it has erupted recently.

The three main classifications of volcanoes are active, dormant and extinct. A dormant volcano is a type of active volcano that is not erupting, but has the ability to erupt again.

A composite volcano may be active, dormant or extinct. The type of volcano does not determine its activity level.

Dormant or extinct volcanoes haven't erupted in many years, where active volcanoes have recently reported activity.

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