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Cars are more faster than by walking. Like you can go to a shopping mall in fifteen minutes,but if you walk then it might take an hour.

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Q: What are advantages of cars?
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What is the advantage of cars?

what are advantages and disadvantages of cars?

What are the advantages of gas powered cars?

The advantages of cars powered by natural gas are: They create a lot of energy with not much gas.

What are the advantages for motor cars?

there fast!

What are the benefits of hybrid vehicles.? - Advantages of Hybrid Cars. Hybrid cars carry with them a bundle of advantages. Hybrids combine clean energy of the electrical motor

What are the advantages and disadvantages for mechanical energy?

Disadvantages are: using gas for cars, and using gas and oil in cars and motor bikes Advantages are: having bicycles to ride, and using cars to get around.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of collecting cars both antique and sports cars?

Advantages: You make a lot of money Disadvantages: You could possibly lose a lot of money

What is the advantages of American cars?

NONE no "advantages".... no "country's" cars are better than any other no economic benefit either because many American cars/parts are made outside the us more toyotas are built domestically than "American" cars

An essay of the advantages and disadvantages of cars?

Cars are advantageous because they allow people to get around with ease. One disadvantage to cars is the deaths connected with collisions.

What are the advantages of certified used cars?

Certified used cars have several advantages. When a used car is certified, it means that it has been inspected and cleaned. This makes certified used cars better than just regular used cars, as you can't be a hundred percent sure that it is safe and in good condition.

Did Chevrolet put the caprice classic advantages in other cars?

no you dummy

What are some advantages of hybrid cars?

The advantages of owning a hybrid car include: spending less on gas and repairs and contributing less pollution on the earth. Hybrid cars are the futuristic advantage of owning a vehicle.

What are the advantages of each type?

Small cars are fuel efficient Large cars are comfortable and roomySports cars handle well and have excellent accelerationHybrid cars have excellent fuel economyTo name a few.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of black color cars?

it doesnt show the dirt as much :)

What are some advantages on cars?

You can hold more than one person in a car

What are the advantages and disadvantages of school crossng?

well the advantages of a school crossing is that you can get to the other side. But the disadvantages is that some cars don't stop at all.

Do pre owned cars offer advantages over purchasing new?

There are advantages to owning a pre-owned car that it is cheaper than a regular car. Pre-owned cars sometimes hold value as well as their new counterparts.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electrical cars?

once you break the plug it will never work again

What are the advantages of todays cars?

Many of them have long life parts. They are economical. They are ecologically better.

Advantages of small cars or large cars?

Small cars will cost less, get better mileage, easier to park, and fun to drive. Large cars will ride better, carry a bigger load, are more comfortable, and have more luxury features.

What are the advantages of a hovercraft?

The Advantages are that Hovercraft can fly, or more suitably, hover over water and land, can go over rough terrain and does not pollute as much as cars.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of school crossings and pelican crossings?

always look left right for cars

Advantages and disadvantages of electric cars?

An advantage is that its efficient. A disadvantage you need to charge it all the time.:)

What some atvantages and disatvantages of solar energy?

Advantages :cars,calculators,even home things

Advantages of machines?

There are quite a few advantages of having and using machines such as making a process happen quickly. Machines like cars have made travel much quicker.

What are the advantages of buying a used Mercedes?

The advantages of buying a used Mercedes are their well known reliability and excellent handling. They also have the advantage of being very luxurious cars.