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What are advantages of transducer?

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One advantage of the transducer is that less energy is lost.

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What are the advantages of electrical transducer over mechanical transducer?

output is easily amplified.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using reflective transducer and op-to transducer?


What is smart transducer its significance importance uses advantages and disadvantages?


Advantages and disadvantages of capacitive transducer?

An advantage of a capacitive transducer is that is has a solid state and a long life. A disadvantage is that the seeing distance is very short, and is varied.

List of active transducer?

thermocouple,piezoelectric transducer,photoelectric transducer.

What is an optical transducer?

Theramal transducer

Who invented transducer?

transducer was invented by

What is advantages of Piezoelectric transducer?

Piezoelectric transducers are measuring transducers. An advantage of them is that they are well suited for measuring rapidly varying pressures.

LBDT is used as which transducer?

displacement transducer

What is prncipal of transducer?

The basic principle of a transducer: A transducer which converts a physical quantity to the electrical quantity.

What type of transducer Is potentiometer?

what type of transducer potentiometer

What is pressure transducer?

please give a simple defineatoin of transducer.

What are active and passive transducers?

Passive transducer= These are those transducer which are an external source of power supply is known as passive transducer.

What is force balance transducer pneumatic?

explain force balance transducer

Whether strain gauge is an active transducer? is an active transducer.

Sensor can be a transducer but transducer cannot be a sensor Is it right or wrong?

It is wrong.

Is a thermocouple an active or passive transducer-why?

is a thermocouple an active or passive transducer?-why?

Is thermocouple a transducer?

Yes, it's an active transducer. A thermocouple is passive not active

Is thermocouple a sensor or a transducer?

Transducer since it transform heat into electrical voltage

Use of linear variable differential transducer?

how linear voltage differential transducer works?

Names of active transducers?

thermocouple, photoelectric transducer, photovoltaic cell, piezoelectric transducer

What is an electronic gadget?

an electronic gadget is a gadget that has an input transducer a processor and an out put transducer

What is the transducer in smoke detector?

its an input transducer ( non-electrical domain to electrical domain)

What do you understand by transducer?

The broad definition of a transducer is a device which converts mechanical force into an electrical.

What is the purpose of a pressure transducer?

A pressure transducer measures pressure, specifically that of gases or liquids. Such pressure sensors are used in the measurement and control of thousands of everyday applications. A pressure transducer is just that; a transducer - it generates a signal due to the pressure imposed.