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World War 2

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What year was japan's World War 2

What describes an important outcome of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during World War 2

Which of the following World War 2 figures aligned with Benito Mussolini to send troops to support Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War

Which of these factors helped Germany annex Austria

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Q: What are advantages to military power?
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Explain three advantages of centralized military and political power?

your people will have unity, or will be brought together.

What strategic military advantages or drawbacks did each side have in terms of technology and military strength in the Civil War?

the union had man power and an advance industry whereas the south did not have a large man power nor industry.................

What are the Advantages of military dictatorship?

there is no advantages of military dictatorship.. it just makes your life a's better not to find advantages or do you want to be chopped by the son of Saddam.

What was the souths advantages in the war?

Military leadership

Who owns the website

Military Advantages

The advantages or merit of military over civilian government?

There are not many advantages of a military government over a civilian government. One thing that may be considered an advantage is that a military government is always ready to defend its country.

What is the advantages of using maximum power transfer theorm?


Who has the power to conduct military affairs?

The Congress have the power to conduct military affairs.

Advantages and disadvantages of coal power stations?

advantages- its clean. disadvantages- its not as vierment friendly as solar power.

What is military power?

The military power refers to the armed forces of a given nation. It also refers to the maximum power setting of a military jet aircraft.

What are the advantages of developing?

There are no advantages of developing Antarctica: the Antarctic Treaty forbids development, commerce and military activity.

What are the advantages of hydroelectic power?

One of the advantages of hydroelectric power is that it does not have a negative effect on the environment. Another advantage is that it is cheap.