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Q: What are agency problems and why do they exist within a corporation?
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What type of agency relationship exist within a corporation?

what agency relationship exists in a corporation?

Agency relationship exist in corporations?

what agency relationship exists within a corporation

What types of managerial levels exist within the McDonald's corporation?

puta wlang sagot

Why does the listed company will exist agency problems?

The primary reason for the divergence of objectives between managers and shareholders has been attributed to separation of ownership (shareholders) and control (management) in corporations. As a consequence, agency problems, or principal-agent conflicts exist in the firm.

What is the examples of a government corperation a. the supreme court b. the central intelligence agency c.the north intelligence agency or d. the US postal service?

The examples of a government corporation are the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the US Postal Service. The Supreme Court is not a government corporation; it is the highest court in the United States responsible for interpreting the law. The North Intelligence Agency does not exist.

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This company exist also now.

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What does unlimited continuity mean?

A close corporation has unlimited continuity. This means that it will continue to exist regardless of changes in the composition of the members.

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A corporation has limited liability protection, and are typically not personally responsible for business debts. A corporation can live forever, even if an owner dies or sells interest, the corporation can still exist.

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