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What are agents?

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Can there be agents in the CIA?

The CIA is composed of agents. CIA agents!

What type of agents are found under the lethal chemical agent classification for industrial chemicals and warfare agents?

Industrial chemicals include choking agents and blood agents; warfare agents include blister agents and nerve agents.

How do you spell agents?

Agents is correct.

What are the main components of toothpaste?

abrasive agent, fluoride, humectants, sweetening agents, antiseptic agents, flavoring agents ,binding agents.

Are all FBI agents special agents?


Why call center agents?

Because call center agents is a different among all agents,.

What skills do secret agents need?

well sorry to say , but there are no more secret agents. but clubpenguin has EPF Agents! and i think the EPF Agents are awesome!

When was the name of the agency change to FBI?

The Secret Service provided the Department of Justice 12 Special Agents and these agents became the first Agents. Thus, the first FBI agents were actually Secret Service agents.

What has the author Agents with false memories written?

Agents with false memories. has written: 'Agents with false memories'

What do agents do?

Agents represent someone in a particular field.

Where are the agents that help you on spy island?

the agents are in the bad

What are two agents of erosion.?

What are two agents of erosion.?

What are the agents of pollution?

agents of different types of pollution

How do you measure Leavening agents?

How do you measure Leavening agents?

Do agents have guns?

If you mean federal agents such as FBI or CIA, yes, most active agents carry guns.

How can you get a pet in mysims agents?

um you can't you can hire agents and a few animal agents but i don't see how you can get a pet...

M8 Chemical Detector Paper detects which agents?

G, H, and V chemical agents. G agents are nerve agents, and will cause the paper to turn any shade from yellow to gold. H agents are blister agents, and will cause the paper to turn any shade from pink to red. V agents are nerve agents, and will cause the paper to turn dark green. Decontaminating agents, and ammonia based cleaning products (such as window cleaners) can cause M8 paper to give false positive readings.

Can women be sports agents?

Yes women can be sport agents

Who should have epf?

only agents should be EPF agents

How does politics affect agents in South Africa?

what sort of agents/????

What are agents and brokers?

Agents and brokers are prople who have s** with there siblings

Where can you get an acting agent for free?

Agents get 10%. There are no free agents.

What is the professional organization for an FBI agents?

FBI Agents Association

What is pharmacodynamic agents?

Pharmacodynamic agents alter body functioning.

What is Wind and water are agents of?

Wind and water are agents of erosion