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Q: What are all of the costumes for X-Men Origins wolverine for PSP?
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If you get X-Men Origins Wolverine on the PS2 do you get the danger room?

no the game is changed inps2 and psp

Who is going to win over Victor Creed vs Wolverine on PSP?

Wolverine will win.

Why is the psp wolverine origins game different from the xbox and ps3?

because the psp version has a different story than the the xbox and ps3 so then the game well have to be different. If i were you download the game on the stick then retern it to the store you bought it from.

Will rayman origins be released for psp?

No, it will be released on the PSVita, but not the regular PSP line.

Is x men origins wolverine any good on psp?

Yep it's really good game. The graphics aren't as good on the Xbox 360 and Ps3 but apart from that it's a good game

What games system did silent hill origins come out for?

Silent Hill Origins came out for the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Sony PSP.

How can you get xmen legends psp unlockable characters without buying it?

Generally one has to buy a game to play it... so to play as the characters that are in X-Men Legends II PSP version, one must actually be playing that game.

What is the scariest game for psp?

silent hill origins Infected Age of zombies House of the dead

How do you get the gun in silent hill origins for PSP?

you have to keep picking up weapons to you get a gun search for it

How do you get special Littlebigplanet PSP costumes?

you complete missions and find bubbles to get new stuff for your puppet Hope this helps!

How do you change costumes in Sonic Rivals on PSP?

go to signal player then go to story or challenge and press triangle

How do you get police uniform in grand theft auto vice city stories PSP?

To get the police uniform you have got to go to the house then swith costumes

How much is Littlebigplanet on PSP?

Downloaded from the PlayStation Network; $39.99. Includes 3 LBP Costumes as well (Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 and MotorStorm) PSP is less now and you can get it from amazon for $18.49 or Glyde at the same price plus S/H

How do you change costumes in MK Deception?

you go to the the character you unlocked its alternate costume then press the start button on the controller and yes this works for xbox ps3 ps2 and psp

How can i unlock sonic's ice shoes in sonic rivals psp game?

You must collect all of Sonic's character cards to unlock all 3 of his costumes one being Ice.

Which PSP has wifi?

The PSP models that have Wi-Fi are; PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000, PSP Go (N-1000). The PSP E-1000 (PSP Street) does not have WiFi

Which PSP is the best between original PSP PSP slim or PSP 3000?

psp 3000 totally

What is better PSP street or PSP 3000?

Psp street is much better i have psp 3000 and psp street and psp street is better then psp i would say.

What PSP came out before PSP go?

befour psp go was psp 3000 slim but every one says psp 3000 all the psp is psp,psp1000 ,psp,1004 ,psp2000 ,psp3000 ,psp3004 ,psp3000 slim ,psp go ,psp E1000 ,psp vita

How many versions of Sony PSP are there?

PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000, PSP-N1000. Thus, there are four versions of Sony PSP.

What is more late PSP-3000 or PSP-3004?

PSP-3004 is the later than PSP-3000. But the latest version of PSP is PSP GO.

Which is better PSP go or PSP vita?


What is better a PSP go or a PSP?

psp go

What is better a PSP or a PSP go?

I like the PSP but i would have to sa the PSP go

Is there a PSP emulator that works without a PSP?

There is no psp emulator that works without the psp. There is a psp emulator for the PC if u wanted to play psp games.