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Q: What are all of the famous Renaissance artists names?
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Famous Renaissance artists and sculptors:Michelangelo is most famous for his statue David, as well as painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.Leonardo da Vinci defines the term polymath; there's no area of art or science that he didn't contribute to, from the Mona Lisa to the invention of the bicycle.Donatello was an Italian sculptor who combined tricks of perspective with the technique of bas-relief sculpture to make lifelike figures.Raphael was not only an outstanding painter, but an architect as well.

Who were the famous artists of the Louvre?

In the Louvre collection you will find all the big names. You name them - they are there!

How did the Renaissance effect Europe society?

The renassiance was a rebirth in art, science and art. Europe flourished because of the renaissance because of all the art commissions that were comissioned by gov that famous artists such as Da Vinci did

What is the relationship between artists and patrons during the Renaissance?

During the renaissance, patrons commissioned many different works of art for many different reasons, be it political propaganda or something similar. The relationship between patrons and artists was clear; the patrons held all the power, decided what was to be painted, in what style and by what date. However, as the renaissance moved through into later periods, artists gained more prestige and began to go against their patrons. Famous artists began to paint what they wanted, disregarding their patron's instructions. Overall, for most of the renaissance, patrons were well above artists in the relationship although this power balance shifted slightly later on.

What famous impressionist artists did watercolours?

They all did.

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How were artists during the renaissance attempting to represent the world?

They were attempting to represent the world and all its beauty

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How did the artists of the Harlem Renaissance influence African-American artists of later Generations?

The paintings that they did influenced later generations. They were all about showing their freedom and having their voices be heard.

What are the names of three famous Spanish artists?

Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 Painter/Sculptor Daniel Vazquez Diaz 1882-1969 Painter

What do Michelangelo Donatello and Da Vinci have in Common?

They were all Renaissance artists, working as contemporaries of each other. They were also all working in Italy.

Where were Leonardo da Vinci Raphael and Michelangelo the leading artists of the renaissance?

Raphael worked in Florence and Rome, so did Michelangelo. Leonardo da Vinci worked in Florence and Milan. Not so much in Venice and nothing at all when he came to France.