What are all of the main events in FireRed?

1) You start your journey.
2) Defeat Gym Leaders 1 and 2 (Brock and Misty)
3) Visit SS Anne in Vermillion and gain the Bicycle.
4) Defeat Gym Leaders 3 and 4 (Lt. Surge and Erika)
5) Defeat Team Rocket in Celadon, Rescue Mt Fuji in Lavender Tower with the Silph Scope (From TR), gain Poke Flute.
6) Wake Snorlax.
7) Get tea from Celadon and give to Saffron Guards.
8) Defeat Gym 5 (Koga)
9) Defeat TR at Silph Co.
10) Defeat Gym 6 (Sabrina)
11) Visit Pokemon Mansion in Cinnabar, defeat Gym 7 (Blaine)
12) Visit Island 1 and do a favor for Bill on Islands 2 & 3.
13) Defeat Gym 8 (Giovanni)
14) Take on Elite 4
15) Gain National Dex.
16) Complete Islands 4-7, including gaining the Sapphire and Ruby for Bill and Celio's mission.
17) Beat E4 a second time.

More or less it. After 14 you can catch Mewtwo. After 15 you should be able to get your versions Legendary Dog. As for the birds: Zapdos (after Surf head to the power plant), Moltres (after you visit Island 1 you can get to him) and Articuno (you'll see as you head through Seafoam Islands)