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Air Force pilots are all officers 2nd Lieutenant and up.

It doesnt matter how much you earn because it all depends on your job in the Royal air force and which rank you are. As an NCO (non commitioned officer} you would probably earn the most at warrant officer rank and at Officer ranks it is probably one of the Air Marshals. But like i said it depends on the job you do in the air force but also the lenght of service you do.

The Royal Air Force had numerous targets all through that long war.

The highest ranking officers (in peace time) are Four Star Officers.Royal Navy - AdmiralArmy - GeneralRoyal Air Farce - Air Chief MarshallIn 1995 the Five Star Officer rank was placed in abatement but there are some of these ranksremaining. They are retired Officers or those in honorary posts. These ranks areRoyal Navy - Admiral of the FleetArmy - Field MarshallRoyal Air Force - Marshall of the Royal Air Force.Personnel holding these posts include:Sir Benjamin Bathurst- Admiral of the FleetSir John Chapple- Field MarshallSir Peter Harding - Marshall of the Royal Air ForceHRH the Prince of Wales - Honorary title holds all of the above!

You can get more information about careers at RAF (Royal Air Force) at the Royal Air Force website. You will find answers to all your questions about RAF.

The Army and USMC have some of the same names for enlisted ranks (as Private, Corporal, and Sergeant), which are all different from the Navy. The Air Force also uses Sergeant, but the lower ranks are Airman with a class number. An Air Force Sergeant, however, is a different pay grade from a Swergeant in the Army or USMC. Army, USMC, and Air Force all have the same names for officer ranks, but the Navy has different names.

It would also be colonel. The Army, Air Force and Marine Corps all use the same officer ranks. The Navy is the odd service for ranking.

RAF - Royal Air Force.Military flying started in the British Army in its "Royal Flying Corps". Known as "RFC" for short.Later, the RFC was separated from the Army to form a new military entity called the Royal Air Force or "RAF" for short.(The answer below is just a little joke!)Another answerIn the First World War, The British Air Force were known as the "Royal Flying Club", which in a way, was what they were, as the RFC was formed from all the little English flying Clubs that were scattered around England.In WW2 they became the RAF, [The Royal Air-Force].The abbreviation RAF is contained in their brass cap badge and is embroidered on their pilot's wings.

You got it right in the question, it is known as "The Royal Air Force", formed on 1st April 1918, it is the oldest independent air force in the world. The RAF defend England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and our Allies all over the world.

Lieutenant is a rank found in all branches of the US Armed Forces - Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. In the Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps, there are the ranks of Second Lieutenant (O1) and First Lieutenant (O2). In the Navy and Coast Guard, there are the ranks of Lieutenant JG (O2) and Lieutenant (O3).

RAFAT -Royal Air Force Acrobatics Team Also known as "The Red Arrows"

The Battle of Britain was an air battle between the Royal Air Force and the Nazi Bombers who were terrorizing all of England ... the RAF won

A, K, Q, J, 10 all of one suit - Royal Flush

name all air force chiefs of India

Yes, all members of the Air Force one crew are members of the United States Air Force.

when a) we all die b) the fat lady sings c) we form a NATO/Coalition air force, no doubtedly run by the french, so the RAF will be renamed the RSF ( Royale (French for royal) serendre (ing) force ) in english, the royal surrendering force, NB the royal surrendering force is NOT just ex RAF, its is also ex NAVY and ex ARMY ---god save the queen---

Private, Private First Class, Specialist, Corporal, Sergeant ranks up to and including Sergeant Major of the Army (Army) Private, Private First Class, Lance Corporal, Corporal, all Sergeant ranks up to and including Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (Marine Corps) Airman Basic, Airman, Airman First Class, Senior Airman, all Sergeant ranks up to and including Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (Air Force) Seaman Recruit, Seaman Apprentice, Seaman, all Petty Officer ranks up to and including Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (Navy) The Coast Guard using the same rank structure as the Navy.

Consider contacting Veteran Association in the USA Air Force Association They are current still on like and contactable via their website - Compile as much information as you can , names, ranks dates of service, postings any and all will help the Association track down people for you .

The world has a lot of very impressive air forces. The list compiled below is merely an opinion. It my not be accepted internationally and indeed, there may be some countries that belong on the list that I may have missed. There is no list that has been published that states the world's top 20 air forces. Furthermore the world's top air forces can turn out to be different depending what factors you take into consideration (size, experience, technology, etc.). In addition, the order may also change due to this. I have chosen the following air forces based on the following four factors: experience, self-sufficiency, technology and nuclear deterrence (all nuclear powers with decent air forces are in the top 10 (excluding Iran [believed to be nuclear capable] & North Korea due to sanctions and lack of spare parts, however if they had access to spares and were not under sanctions they too would be formidable). Quality and quantity are both taken into account equally.1). United States Air Force2). Russian Air Force3). Israeli Air Force4). Royal Air Force (UK)5) People's Liberation Army Air Force (Chinese Air Force)6). French Air Force7). Indian Air Force8). Pakistan Air Force9). Saudi Air Force10). Turkish Air Force11). Royal Australian Air Force12). Swedish Air Force14). German Air Force15). Italian Air Force16). UAE Air Force17). South Korean Air Force18). Spanish Air Force19). Ukrainian Air Force20). Japan Air Self Defense Force

The motto of the United States Air Force is "Above All".

Not all aircraft in the Air Force are owned by the Air force or military. A lot of them are leased from companies like Boeing or Lockheed.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the best Police Force in Canada since it is the largest Force of all.

All fighter aircraft are in some countries Air Force unless they are retired.

I would have to say it was the United States Army Air Force and the United States Naval air force that flew the most missions. Here is my reasoning. The US was not only flying missions in Europe they were also flying missions in the Pacific theater. So they would add all up all those missions and I can be fairly certain they out numbered the Royal Army Air Force mission total. Now which particular group flew the most? I heard it was the 9th Air Force and one of the RAF groups but some of the 9th Air Force was sent to the Pacific so I still think they would win the title of flying the most missions.

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