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What are all the Pokemon that can learn ground type moves?


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if you wanna know Pokemon that learn ground type moves. they are probably ground type Pokemon


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If you have a TM. The only ground type moves it can learn is earthquake and magnitude.

Flying Type Pokemon are unaffected by Ground Type Moves (Ground Type moves are Ground based and Flying Types can fly over them). Also, there are many Pokemon with the ability Levitate. Levitate gives full immunity to Ground Type moves. See the Related Link for a list of Pokemon with Levitate.

very unforunately fire type Pokemon can not learn electric type moves plus camerupt is a ground type aswell ground is super effective on electricity so sorry but camerupt can not learn spark.

Use Ground-Type Pokemon cause Electric-Type moves DOES NOT effect Ground-Type Pokemon!

Water type moves and Grass type moves. Electric moves will have no effect. Flying types and Pokemon with levitate ability are good as ground-type moves have no effect against them.

Ground Type moves as well as Psychic Type moves are super effective on a Poison Type pokemon.

Electric Pokemon have a very powerful and crippling weakness to the Ground type. Ground type moves are super effective against most Electric type Pokemon. In addition Ground type Pokemon are also immune to Electric type moves.

Infernape doesn't learn earthquake. The moves he does learn are close combat at level 41, Fire Spin at level 53 and Flare Blitz at level 57. Fire Pokemon can't learn ground moves unless there part ground or rock type. Infernape is Fire and Fighting. "Fire Pokemon can't learn ground moves unless there part ground or rock type. Infernape is Fire and Fighting." Absolutely incorrect! One, many Pokemon can learn Earthquake regardless of type (e.g. Gyarados, Drapion, Sceptile) through TM21. The same goes for Infernape.

ground/rock type pokemon. ground/rock type pokemon are not affected by electric type moves. you should defeat ground/rock type pokemon with water type pokemon.

Go to for all your Pokemon needs They can learn dragon rage, take down and ground type moves and stuff and that's all I know...

Grass type moves and ground type moves.

No, electric moves have no effect on ground

Most ground type Pokemon can learn it

Ground type moves, rock type moves and water type moves are super-effective against fire type pokemon.

Graveler is a ground and rock type pokemon, its weak against grass type moves, water type moves, steel type moves, ground type moves and ice type moves.

normal types can learn just about any movenormal types can learn just about any moveActually, normal types can NOT learn all moves. For example, Glameow, the normal pokemon, can not learn any dragon type moves.

Poison type Pokemon are weak to ground and psychic type moves.

Poison type Pokemon are weak to psychic and ground type moves.

Catterpie, Roselia, Scyther and many many more grass type Pokemon can learn bug type moves.

Maroway is a Pokemon of the ground-type, it's an evolution of the Pokemon Cubone when it reaches the level 28. Some of the moves it can learn are Growl, Bone Club, Focus Energy, Bonemerang, Fing, Bone Rush and Double Edge.

WaterWater type moves, Ice type moves, Grass type moves.

Use grass type moves or water types moves on the Pokemon it will be very effective.

Ground and Psychic type moves.

Yes, there are many Normal-type Pokemon that can learn Shadow Ball, among other Ghost-type moves, by TM. This is useful for beating Ghost-type Pokemon, since Normal-type Pokemon are immune to Ghost-type attacks.

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