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There are two ways to evelove Pokemon in Pokemon platinum by lefstones and leveling up.

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How do you make pokemon evolve in pokemon black?

Pokemon evolve when you level them up to a certain level, by trading them, by friendship, or by using stones.

What Pokemon evolve with a shiny stones in Pokemon Platinum?

Togetic into Togekiss and Roselia into Roserade

How do you evolve certain Pokemon without trading them?

I would get all the stones you can and then try them all on that certain pokemon.

How do you evolve a Pokemon in yellow?

Depends what kind of pokemon. Most evolve by leveling up, some using stones (firestone, moonstone, etc) some by trading, and some by trading holding a specific item.

What level does Metang evolve on Pokemon Black Version?

Metang will evolve once you train it up to level 45. It does not need any stones, locations, trading, etc. to evolve this Pokemon.

What type of Pokemon do leaf stones effect in Pokemon platinum?

Effects:Causes Gloom to evolve into Vileplume.Causes Weepinbell to evolve into Victreebel.Causes Exeggcute to evolve into Exeggutor.Causes Nuzleaf to evolve into Shiftry.

Where do get a stone to evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

there most common in the under ground tunels. i have 23 water stones from diging down there.

How do you get a Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon pearl?

it matters what Pokemon you mean. Most Pokemon evolve by leveling up, others with stones and items, some by friendship or condition (some at certain times), and still more by trading!

How do you get evolve stones in Pokemon Platinum?

Going underground and digging will get you evolution stones more-so after you obtain the national pokedex Hope I helped =p

List of of all pokemon that evolve with stones in soulsilver?

witch Pokemon evolve with stones in soul silver

What level do Pokemon evolve in Pokemon white?

all Pokemon evole differently some evolve with stones some and some evole trough trading and last but not least some evole trough training

Does a fire stone make Eevee evolve into a Flareon in Pokemon Platinum?

Yes. You can also find various other stones to evolve Eevee into other evolutions.

How do you evolve eletricbuzz in Pokemon platinum?

You will need 100 thunder stones. That's a lot!! It may sound unbelievable but it is true!!!

Where can you buy stones in Pokemon light platinum?

You can not buy stones in platinum you could find stones in caves and undergrond.

What is the easyest way to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

Some Pokemon evolve by training, trading or stones so it depends really but if you mean training then give them an EXP share and go through the Pokemon league over and over again.

What stones evolve pearl Pokemon?

Well, this may not be helpful, but Fire stones evolve some fire Pokemon... Sun stones also evolve fire Pokemon, (Fire stone, Thunder stone and Water stone also evolve "Eevee", the Pokemon you get after completing sinnoh dex.

What does fire stone evolve in Pokemon platinum?

fire stones don't evolvr, they are stones but they can make an eevee evolve into a flareon, vulpix into ninetales, growlithe into arcanine,and houndour into houndoom,. they aren't many but i hope this helped you! - RR14

How do you evolve DUNSPARCE on Pokemon diamond on ds?

you cannot, dunsparance cannot evolve evn with evolutionary stones happinesss diiference with time of day held items, or trading TOUGH

How do you use stones on Pokemon Conquest?

equip to the pokemon you want to evolve and then do a battle. After the battle will that pokemon evolve.

Which Pokemon evolve using the fire stone on Pokemon platinum?

Eevee Growlithe ---- Fire stones Vulpix evee evolves into flarereon growlithe to arcanine vulpix to ninetales

What do moon stones do?

If you are talking about POKEMON then they can evolve different pokEmon.

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