What are all the codes for the x-101st places?

This might not be accurate but, I heard he used random numbers and letters for codes as if it were real... I am a spy in TehPwnzorz, and I secretly joined X-101st for a while, cuz it's my mission. As my ranks went up, so did my chance of finding their codes. Lordnathan PMed me these random numbers and letters. I copied and pasted them. Here they are: First Code: 99f5g5d4f52s45f1g2s4f7 Second Code: 56fr1g58633w4g85t2e2vfg8h65 Third Code: 5rf2fg5g2d2g3e5d96t6e32sf8

Last Code: ff4s2g69ee65da3d1d5r65e4r6. I hoped these helped you!