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What are all the different flavors of lollipops?

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Chocolate, vanilla, pomegrate,grape,sour apple,watermelon,carmel apple,cherry,pina colada,orange creme, strawberry, strawberry kiwi, lemon, rootbeer, lime, lemon lime,coconut, very berry, tropical punch, coke, cherry coke, lemon-lime, strawberry, kiwi, mango, peach, tangerine.

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How many different brands of lollipops are there?

There are many different manufacturers, who produce many flavors, shapes, and sizes of lollipops. *see related question

When was dum dum lollipops invented?

Dum Dum lollipops were invented in 1924 and started out with 7 flavors including lemon, lime, orange, coconut-pineapple, cherry, grape, and butterscotch. They currently are producing 16 different flavors.

How many flavors are there of lollipops?

A lot and I'm not kidding!!!!!

What percentage of lollies have artificial flavors in them?

Almost all lollipops have artificial flavors and coloring. You can find healthier alternatives with natural ingredients from specialty shops.

Are lollipops pink?

lollipops come in all different colors. so yes, the can be pink.

How many flavors of dum dums lollipops are there?

Root beerCotton CandyBlueberry

What are all the different names of lollipops?

stoga pop guch pop

What are the three major kinds of lollipops?

The three major lollipop flavors are RED <CHERRY>, ORANGE, AND BLUE RASBERRY!!

How many flavors of Skittles are there?

There are many of different flavors of skittles. But if you want to be specific there are 67 different flavors of skittles. I know it seems impossible but it is true. They were first produced in England and so many flavors are invented but most of them are found in different countries, city's, and states. But if you have tried all of them that have ever been made then you should have had that add up to 67 different flavors in cluding all th sour ones.

How many lollipop flavors are there?

there are tons upon millions upon billions upon kazillions of lollipops

What are all the different mountain dew flavors?

just mountain dew

What are the flavors of Slim Fast diet shakes?

Weight Watchers slim fast shakes come in a couple of different flavors. The flavors are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cappocino. There flavors all taste really good.

How many different flavors of wine coolers are there?

There are several different flavors of wine coolers out there. There are several flavors such as pina colada, lime, mango, and tropical flavors as well.

What are all of bath and body works lip gloss flavors?

Bath&Body Works has many different kinds of lip gloss flavors-way to many to list. I would say for sure that they have at least 20 different flavors.

What are the different flavors of marijuana?

There are no different flavors of marijuana, it just tastes like marijuana.

Where can you find dice shaped lollipops?

I don't know a specific store where you can buy them, but if you go to a local convienient store such as walmart, you can buy molds and a mix to make your own lollipops - they are easy to make and delicious! You can find them online at Escape Concepts. They are available in sets of 24 and available assorted or several different Vegas inspired fruit flavors.

Are lollipops bad for your teeth?

No,Not at all

Does cigarettes relaxes you?

Cigars satisfy most cravings with all their different flavors

How many different flavors of Coffee-Mate do they have?

more than twenty different flavors!!

What are all of the flavors of gum?

New flavors come out everyday, you couldn't name all the flavors. :D

What should I make my Halloween lollipops out of?

You can make Halloween lollipops out of different things. You can use chocolate or cookie dough, or you can decorate preexisting lollipops using materials like tissue paper or pipe cleaners.

How many flavors of gum is there?

There are alleged to be 188 different flavors of gum.

Are all vaporizers for electronic cigarettes compatible?

No, different brands using different vaporizers. They have a variety of flavors too.

How does Maggie Moos make all the different ice cream flavors?

very carefully.

Do all gummy bears taste the same?

No. Certain company's make different flavors

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