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What are all the homophones for read?

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What words are homophones in a long bladed pole made of a natural mineral?

The homophones are read and reed.

How are read and read homophones?

The homophones (sound-alike words) are read andreed, or read and red.The words read (present tense, reed) and read (past tense, red) are homographs, meaning they are written the same, not sounded the same.

What 2 homophones past tense of read and a color?

"Read" and "red".

What two colors are homophones?

blue, blew red, read

What is a pair of homophones that are colors?

blew, blueread, red

Write two words with the same spelling but have a different sound?

They are homophones Read and read. He 'read' the book. He likes to 'read' the book.

What are some homophones for the word dead?

read, said, fed, lead, led, head, bed, That's all I can think of! Good luck!

What is all the homophones for metal?


What are all the homophones for ore?


Can you give me some list of Homophones?

see, sea two, too, to fore, for, four hi, high read, read

What are all the homophones?

homophones are words that sound the same bout are spelt different. for example there,their, & they're, since there are words being added to the dictionary not many people know off of the top of their head what all of the homophones are.

How many homophones are there?

There are over 7,700 homophones in the English language, and people are still searching for more. When all the searching is done we estimate there will be somewhere between 8,000 to 10,000 homophones.

All and awl are what kind of words?


What are all the homophones of poor?

pore that's it

Tell you all the homophones in the world?


Is read a long vowel word?

One of its homophones is : the present tense "read" (reed) has a long E sound. The past tense of read (red) has a short E sound.

Are there homophones worksheets on the internet?

You can get homophone worksheets online at homophones for you dot com. That site has all the worksheets to help your child not struggle in reading all types of styles.

What is the homophones of allowed?

aloud When a student is caught passing notes, Ms. Krump has him/her read it aloud to the class.

Homophones for wait?

homophones for wait

What are all the homophones in the English language?

There are many homophones in English. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings. Examples of homophones in English: to, two, too; pear, pare, pair; I eye, aye; bear, bare; row, roe; dear, deer. see, sea.

What are all three homophones for sent?

sentcentthats all i know!

How are these words alike record use object?

They are all homophones

What is the homophone for trying?

Not all words have homophones. Trying has no homophone.

What is the homophone of their-there-they're?

They are all homophones of each other.

What are homophones for ware?

Homophones for "ware" are "wear" and "where."