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Q: What are all the moves Jiggly Puff from Pokemon uses?
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What Pokemon uses a moon stone in Pokemon emerald?

well jiggly puff does

What all moves does Tyranitar have in the Pokemon Cartoon only?

Vicious's Tyranitar uses hyper beam in Pokemon 4Ever.

What is jiggly ball?

Jiggly ball is a game featured in scrubs in which the janitor claims that it is a game the orderlies made up, and uses it as an excuse to throw tennis balls at J.D.

Which Pokemon can learn headputt in Pokemon HeartGold?

Pretty much every Pokemon can learn Headbutt, but a Pokemon that uses Physical moves and is of the NORMAL type would be preferable.

What do you do if you cant attack on Pokemon Black?

if you run out of pp for your moves when you attack your Pokemon uses struggle, a low damage high recoil move.

What moves do emoar learn?

The moves that Emboar learns are fighting type moves. The Pokemon, Emboar uses power and speed to unleash powerful blasts of fire by using only its nose.

What are the main powers of the Umbreon Pokemon character?

Umbreon from Pokemon is a psychic-type monster that uses psychic-type powers. It also uses melee attacks such as tackle and other moves. It also uses scratch, a melee attack.

What does the ability pressure do in soul silver?

When the ability Pressure is in use, the Pokemon using it makes the enemy Pokemon use more PP when it uses its moves.

You want to win agenst the 5th gym leader on Pokemon perl?

Fantina uses Ghost tyoe pokemon, use this to your advantage and use ghost and dark type moves against her, Do not use Fighting or normal type moves THEY DO NOT AFFECT GHOST POKEMON! :)

In Pokemon Heart Gold how do you beat the last gym leader?

She uses Dragon-type Pokemon, so use a lot of Dragon, Steel, and Ice-type moves. Electric-type moves will murder her Gyarados and Kingdra. :)

What happens if your all out of moves in a trainer battle?

you're Pokemon automatically uses a move called struggle but watch out this move gives you recoil (it hurts your Pokemon)

What does the Pokemon move imprison do?

When you use it, the enemy Pokemon you are battling will be unable to use moves that the Pokemon your using has. e.g. your squirtle with bubblebeam uses disable, the enemy tentacruel will be unable to use bubblebeam

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