What are all the movies Kristen Stewart has starred in?

(background role) 1999 The Thirteenth Year Girl waiting for drink

(background role) 2000 The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas

(main role) 2001 The Safety of Objects Sam Jennings

(main role) 2002 Panic Room

(main role) 2003 Cold Creek Manor

(main role) 2004 Speak

(main role) 2004 Catch That Kid

(main role) 2004 Undertow

(main role) 2005 Fierce People

(main role) 2005 Zathura

(main role) 2007 The Messengers

(main role) 2007 In the Land of Women

(main role) 2007 The Cake Eaters

(minor role) 2007 Into the Wild

(main role) 2007 Cutlass (short film)

(cameo) 2008 Jumper

(minor role) 2008 What Just Happened

(main role) 2008 Twilight

(main role) 2009 Adventureland

(main role) 2009 New Moon

(main role) 2010 The Yellow Handkerchief

(main role) 2010 The Runaways

(main role) 2010 Welcome to the Rileys

(main role) 2010 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse