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What are all the notes to play amazing grace on key board?


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All the notes to play Amazing Grace on the keyboard can be found on the Making Music fun website. The notes C, E, D and G are all used when playing Amazing Grace.


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Id just play around with it, and search for the notes. (anyone else can answer , just g)

how to play amazing grace on a viola. provide a transcribed music sheet.

do american pie style on the trumpet....knock a banging fart out down the trumpet :)


No. Bugles are very limited in the number of notes they can play. The variety of low range notes required to play Amazing Grace would be impossible for a bugle.Jason -- have you *tried* it yourself? I've played a version of "Amazing Grace" on a US Regulation bugle that was recognizable to people who were not told in advance what I would be playing. Think of it like bagpipes or carillon -- true, the bugle only plays a few intervals, rather than the full chromatic scale which most musicians are used to. But listen to how a bagpiper will work around the "missing" notes to make a tune succeed despite that.

you go to your computer and learn for a long time and you'll now how to sing the song amazing grace if you practice more you'll be a singer

if you have an iphone you can.By getting on itunes and downloading it

the answer to this would be yes< you can play any song in chords

that's how you play when the saints go marching in on the recorder gbc'd' gbc'd' gbc'd' b gba bagg b d' d' d' c bc'd' bgag

The brown belt is one from black u play amazing grace

Follow the directions. It's fun!

happy birthday or amazing grace both are really easy it really doesn't matter

c c d f flat b flate g g f

Any music store that sells sheet music should have theory books with practice runs for you to play.

I'm afraid you can't, as Nintendo still owns full copyright of that particular game. However, it is still available in stores for the game boy advance.but you can play it in Vizzed Board just seach Kirby & the amazing mirror game online and you can find it just findVizzed Board - Play Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Online Game Boy ... and click it and then u can find it

They play every notes, not just flat notes.

The clarinet can playmany notes and is in the top 5 insturents that are hard to play . But in this case it can play 40 notes

what you play is ffgafaggffgaffe in 8th notes then ffgabflatagfecdeff in quarter notes then repeat back to the beginning but instead of ffgafaggffgaffe in 8th notes you play it in quarter notes and instead of ffgabflatagfecdeff in quarter notes you play it in 8th notes it sounds so cool

It is a musical instrument that will play all notes.

Depends upon which key you wish to play the tune. the notes are D G B A G B, A G E D, D G B A G B, A B D' D' D' B A G B, A G E D, D G B A G B, A G the D' being a high octave D

A grace note or in Latin; acciaccatura (a-cha-cha-tura) is when you play a black quickly before the principal note. In music it is written as a small quaver (occasionaly notes with lower time values) note with a dash through it followed by the principal note, this signifies a grace note.

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A trumpet can play both high and low notes but it can hit much more high notes than low notes.

Friends to play them with. A board to play it on.

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