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Ooo, that can become a long list. At minimum:

  • handle bar
  • brake levers

But more probably also:

  • shifters
  • front derailer
  • stem
  • brakes

So if you need to get these parts at market prices it can get quite nasty. A simpler solution is either drop bar ends.(do a net search) Bar ends just like the forward pointing ones used by MTBers, but that curl down to a drop bar bend instead. Leave your brakes and shifters as they are but gives you a nice deep aero tuck.

Or you can get trekking bars. They will also let you keep your current levers and shifters,but will offer more different hand positions than a flat bar.

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Q: What are all the parts you would require to replace flat handlebars with drop-downs on a hybrid bike and would it be worth it?
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