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what are the types of softwood?

I don't know what all the softwood trees are, but I do know some. They include:

  • Pine trees
  • Fir trees
  • Cedar trees &
  • Spruce trees
  • balsom
  • locust
  • aspen
  • bearcone trees
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Are softwood trees in the rainforest?

The rain forest has hardwood and softwood trees. Softwood trees grow all over the world. Pine is a good example of softwood.

What is another name for softwood?

Softwood is from coniferous trees, which are types of gymnosperm trees. Other names for softwood is balsam, tamarack, pine, fir, or spruce.

Is pinewood a softwood or hardwood?

Softwood. All the evergreen trees give softwood.

What are the two softwood trees?

Softwood trees are conifers, trees with needles. Spruce and Pine would be 2 softwood trees.

What is softwood made of?

Softwood is just normal wood from a tree, but it's only wood from certain types of trees. All the pine and fir trees are softwood trees (conifers) and the leafy trees like oaks and maples (deciduous) are hardwood trees. The difference is literally that conifers produce a softer, more easily dented wood than deciduous.

What types of trees are in coniferous forests?

pine and softwood, like evergreens!

What country do you find softwood?

where you find softwood and hardwood trees where you find softwood and hardwood trees

What tree's is a softwood?

Mostly evergreen trees such as Pine trees are softwood.

What types of softwood trees grow in the rain forest?

red cedar and teak

Is cypress pine a hardwood or a softwood?

softwood, all decidous(have leaves) trees are hardwood 2006

Are coniferous trees hardwood or softwood?

Pine trees are coniferous trees and considered to be softwood. Softwood trees typically have needles and cones and are gymnosperm trees that include conifers. Hardwood is from angiosperm trees.

Is evergreen trees hardwood or softwood?


Does softwood loses its leaves in the autumn?

Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the autumn. Not softwood trees. Almost every conifer is softwood and they never lose all their needles. Well at least if they are living.

What is the difference between hardwood trees and softwood trees?

Supposedly , hardwood trees have leaves and softwood doesn't

What generic group of trees produces softwood?

Needle-leaf trees produce softwood.

Is a cherry tree softwood?

By definition, all dicotyledon trees are hardwood trees. All polycotyledon trees are softwood trees. Cherry trees are dicotyledons. Long leaf pines have much harder wood than most hardwood trees. "Dade County Pine," a type of Slash Pine, is too hard to nail. Termites can not bite into it. It is still called softwood.

Can you name types of softwood and hardwood?

A good rule of thumb for softwood/hardwood difference is that hard woods come from trees which bear seeds with a covering, such as oak trees, which produce acorns... An example of a softwood would be pine, which produse pinecones, an arrangement of seeds with no real covering.

Are softwood trees coniferous or deciduous?

Softwood is deciduous. Hardwood is coniferous. :)

Is a conifer tree hardwood or softwood?

The conifers are softwood trees.

Where can you find softwood?

on trees

Were can you find softwood?

on trees

Is pine a hardwood or softwood?

Pine is a soft wood. Generally speaking, Trees with leaves are hardwood, Trees with needles are softwood.

Is pulp hardwood or softwood?

Pulp is neither hardwood nor softwood. Hardwood and softwood are classification of wood types. Both hardwood and softwood can be pulped. There are various types of hardwood pulps and softwood pulps.

Where can you find pictures of softwood trees?

You can find pictures of softwood trees at the library. There are a variety of books about trees. You can also find pictures at your local garden center.

Are coniferous trees softwood?