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What are all the waterways that border Canada?


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Bering Sea, Beaufort Sea, and Labrador Sea


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there are no waterways that border Libya because Libya has no waterways

San Juan Strait and the St Lawrence River.

Bering sea, Beaufort sea and Labrador sea

Three, the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans all border Canada

Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont all border Canada

The Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean all border Canada.

All three of them border Canada. North Dakota has a 310 mile border. Idaho has a 45 mile border. Pennsylvania has a 42 mile water border with Canada in Lake Erie.

No Colirado border is marked by natural features.

The United States has the longest continuous border with Canada. It is the longest border in the world. So, no state has the longest border. It is a combination of all of them.

The Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, The Great Lakes (most of them), the St Lawrence Seaway, several rivers and straits, the Northwest wait that one is all ours, and the Arctic Ocean.

I looked on google and it show that North Atlantic ocean, Arctic ocean, and North pacific ocean was the waterways that border north America

Pacific Ocean and Caribbean sea border Central America

You are not correct. Maine, New Hampshire and New York ALL border Canada and the Atlantic

At 243,042 kilometres, Canada's coastline is the longest in the world. The Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans, along with their various seas, bays, and the like, plus the coasts of the offshore islands, all form part of Canada's coastline. In addition, Canada shares an extensive freshwater border with the US, from Lake of the Woods to the St Lawrence River.

Population clusters in Canada and the US are located near the coasts and along all inland waterways. The cities are generally built near the coasts and waterways to make the transportation of good easier.

MAINE is one of states that border Canada. This will be helpfull for citizen test.Oregon- NO does not border Canada.Rhode Island, - No does not border Canada.Maine [Correct]South Dakota - NO does not border Canada* In the west - Oregon & South Dakota are incorrect. They are both south of a bordering Canada state.Although Washington state, Idaho, Montana, and NORTH Dakota all border Canada.

Africa does not border Canada.

I think that waterways affect our settlement and development because its harder for Canada to cross over to the United States.

The border between Canada and the U.S. runs through all of the Great Lakes except Lake Michigan.

Maine, Hew Hampshire, Vermont and New York all share a border with Canada.

The U.S.A is the longest border with Canada. Alaska is the U.S. state that has the longest border with Canada.

The pacific ocean and Caribbean sea

Pacific ocean and the carribean sea

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