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The two US National Parks that border with Canada are Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park.

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Q: What are two US National Parks that border with Canada?
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What are some of Nevada's national parks?

There are two national parks located in the state of Nevada. They are Great Basin National Park and Death Valley National Park.

What are two national parks in the tundra?

Banff National Park, and Jasper National park.

How many National Parks are there in Utah?

Utah's original National Park is Zion National Park.

What two border the us?

Mexico and Canada.

What two national parks are located in the Rocky Mountains?

what two naitonal parks located in the rocky mountains

Which has the longest border with Canada?

At 8891 km, the border between Canada and the USA is the longest between any two countries, but a major section of that border (with Alaska) is not contiguous with the rest. The longest contiguous section of border between two countries in the world is between Russia and Kazakhstan, at 6846 km.

What are two national parks in Colorado?

Mesa Verde National Park and Rocky Canyon National Park.

American President instituted the National Parks and National Forests?

Two presidents are responsible for the establishment of the national parks and forest system. The were Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

What are the two countries to have a land border with America?

Canada and Mexico are the two countries that border the United States.

What are the two counties that border the us?

Do you mean countries? If you do, the two countries that border the U.S. are Canada and Mexico.

What two states have eight national parks?

California and Alaska

On maps there are two types of woods what are they called?

well if i think what your talking about state parks and national parks