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To help stop pollution, and save you money, you can try riding a bike, taking public transportation, walking, or reverting society back to the horse and wagon.
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What is a car alternator?

Answer . An alternator is a device that produces electric current from some of the power generated by the engine. The electric current is used to power the electric devices that are part of the vehicle, and the current is also used to recharge the chemical storage device that stores current for ( Full Answer )

How do you know when the alternator is going on your car?

Answer . If the voltage level is low or the battery is not getting an adequate charge, you may have an alternator problem. Unfortunately, there are no single lights, gauges or other indicators that you can look at to see for certain that it's the alternator. The best way to check the condition o ( Full Answer )

Do all cars have alternators?

Answer . Simply put, Yes! The alternator basically is a unit that is turned through a belt, normally called the 'Fan Belt'. As it turns it produces an electrical charge which provides electricity which is stored in the car's battery. If you have ever left your lights on overnight to find a f ( Full Answer )

What does a car alternator do?

An alternator provides electrical power to your automobile when it is running. It recharges the battery, which allows the engine to be turned on. It also provides electricity to run all the electronic features of your car.

Who invented car alternators?

Hungarian scientist, Elmer Wavering invented the first caralternator. His invention hit the mass markets in the early 20thcentury.

What are legal car horn alternatives?

Most U.S. States Vehicle Codes only specify that a vehicle horn may not exceed the standard 110 decibels, or otherwise emit a harsh, or unreasonably loud sound.. You may NOT equip, or otherwise replace your vehicles horn, with any siren, whistle, bell, or other type of audible warning device that i ( Full Answer )

Can a car start with a bad alternator?

Yes it can as long as the battery is charged . The purpose of the alternator is to put the power used back into the battery.

How do you know if an alternator is bad in a car?

Answer Hey there friend To check if alternator is false or not there is a simple way of doing it without getting to tear entire car and cables apart. Before you do anything loosen the negative cable but so its still connected to batter. Start the vehicle, if cant slave it off and start it, while ( Full Answer )

How do you fix car alternator?

Answer 1 . IF you have to ask this question, then the answer has to be, "You can't fix it.!". Modern alternators are precision electromechanical devices, which require specialized tools, test equipment, and knowledge in order to repair [actually, while opened up, it is best to do a total rebuild ( Full Answer )

Can a car alternator overcharge?

Not exactly. But the voltage regulator can let too much voltage reach the battery. Check: 1. Using a voltmeter, check batt voltage at rest. Should read +- 12.6 V. 2. Check voltage at idle. Should read +-13.6 V. 3. Increase motor speed. Should not go over 14.5 V (that's the use of a volt. r ( Full Answer )

Can an alternator short burn a car?

Talking from experience (about 2 hours ago) my alternator shorted out and caused the insulation on the wire to heat, and then ignite. As i tried to make my engine bay look all pretty, the plastic hose cover i put on the wires also set on fire. Luckily i was near lots of water and had the bonnet up b ( Full Answer )

Is there Alternative Gas For Muscle cars?

HI. you can use regular pump gas, as you already know. But people who drag race muscle cars sometimes use stroker engines....which can run on methane...or alchohol.

Can you drive a car when the alternator is broken?

I drove mine today, it was fine while the battery had over 9 or 10 volts, but once the battery died, the car (4WD, mitsu challenger) started driving poorly, and then stopped when I pulled over. Not sure if I did any damage yet. If it is a SI (Spark ignition) engine then you can drive so long as th ( Full Answer )

What are some Alternate Car fuels?

biogas (methane produced from decomposing organic matter - pig farms) . biodiesel (oil made from organic material) . ethanol (alcohol made from vegetation) . hydrogen (but it's difficult to store and expensive to produce) . electricity (but we need more efficient batteries) . compressed air ( Full Answer )

Why does a car damage alternators repetitively?

It could be that the belt and alternator are not aligned properly resulting in uneven pressure on the wheel of the alternator damaging the shaft or bearing. Also, excessive torque on the belt might cause the same problem.

Is a car alternator essential?

The alternator is what powers the electronic systems in a car. This includes the ignition system in a petrol engine, as well as the electronic fuel injection system in both modern petrol, and diesel engines. It also provides power to recharge the battery, so that power is available when the engine i ( Full Answer )

Will an alternator stop your car from starting?

while i was driving my car shuts off at nite while the lights are on, and i got it started back up and shuts off and comes back on ******************************************************** If you have a bad alternator it can cause starting problems. More likely because you were driving and not ch ( Full Answer )

How do you take the alternator out of a car?

Save the radio codes. Write them down if required.. Disconnect the positive lead of the battery.. Disconnect and mark or take a closeup picture of the leads on the back of the alternator.. Loosen the alternator belt, note the belt routing, and draw a picture if needed.. Slip belt off alternator ( Full Answer )

What is alternative energy in cars?

There are three prominent alternative energies used by the automotive industry: hydrogen power, fossil fuel/electric (hybrid), and electric. While these are the prominent energies being researched and developed, they are not 100% in use or 100% effective and efficient.

What are some alternatives to owning a car?

Biking, walking, bus, carpooling, hitchhiking, roping together a couple of wannabe Madonnas and putting donuts around their arms like floatation devices and floating them down the river of your own bliss, motorcycle, rabbit, horse, dog sled, stealing a car, borrowing a car, renting a car, being cont ( Full Answer )

How do you measure the voltage on a car alternator?

get a multi meter that reads dc voltage & touch the black (negative -) wire to the negative battery post & the red (positive +) wire to the positive battery post with car running. car off is battery voltage, car on is alternator voltage.

Can an alternator fall out of a car?

Sure, if the bolts come out the alternator can fall out. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ possible but very unlikely if installed correct in the first place

How do you test a cars alternator?

1st you start up the car. Hook up a voltmeter to the battery, and put a load on the battery as the car is running (have the lights on, radio on, high beam on,...) after you put a load on the battery read the voltmeter. if it goes below 12 the alternator is bad. It souldn't be no more than 14 volts. ( Full Answer )

What does the alternator do in a cars electrical system?

Function of Automotive Alternator It generates AC [alternating current] electricity which is rectified and converted to 12 volts DC [direct current] for charging the battery and operating electrical devices in the vehicle.

Do new cars still have alternators?

Yes, most definitely. The alternator keeps the battery charged and runs all the electrical s in the vehicle.

Can a car run with a dead alternator?

Yes, but as you will be running "on the battery" only until the charge in the battery is depleted. Keeping all power consumers turned off (like heater/AC fan and lights) and avoiding shutting engine off (cranking with the starter motor consumes more battery power than anything else) will get you fur ( Full Answer )

How do you Add a second alternator to car?

You can do this although, Why would you want to? If you need extra power from the alternator then you can buy an alternator that has a higher output. Some cars do not allow you to upgrade to a higher output alternator though (My Mazda Protege5) In this case things get a little more complicated..... ( Full Answer )

How many amps is a car alternator?

The amperage of an alternator depends on the size of the car that's on and what all it has to power. A large SUV that is fully loaded (power doors, power locks, power windows, etc) will need a higher amp alternator than a small car without any added electrical options.

Do alternator your make the car start?

No, your battery supplies power to the starter. However if your alternator is defective then it will not supply power to the battery and the battery will soon be depleted.

Can an alternator cause car to stall?

Not usually. The alternator can fail to charge enough, or even fail to charge at all, but usually the battery would carry the load for a day or two. - The answer is to charge your battery completely, over a 24 hour period then check the alternator with a good meter. First check battery voltage with ( Full Answer )

Can an alternator charge a car battery?

That is the purpose of an alternator. The keep the battery charged and to run all the electrics on the vehicle. However it is never a good idea to allow the alternator to charge a dead battery. This will put a strain on the alternator and may damage it.

How are alternators linked to the cars battery?

The output lead from your alternator is bolted to the positive lead of the battery at the starter solenoid. The grounds are both to the vehicle body or, in some cars, the ground from the battery is grounded on the alternator bracket.

Why do car alternators burn out?

Exposure to the rough underhood environment combined with time will find something to corrode and cause a failure eventually, too. A high quality alternator can reduce, but not eliminate, that factor. Naturally stressing the alternator with unsually high demand for current causes more electricity ( Full Answer )

How do you tell if car alternator is bad?

The battery light will be illuminated on the dashboard and later the battery will go flat as it is not getting charged Garages can check this for you if your battery is frequently getting flat.

Will car start if alternator is dead?

Yes, the battery starts the engine, and as long as the battery is fully charged the engine will start. The battery will loose it's charge if the alternator is defective and not replenishing the charge of the battery but the alternator has nothing to do with starting the engine.

How do you know if it is the alternator is out on a car?

Drive to your local auto parts store and have the electrical system checked. You can also check the output of the alternator at the battery with the engine running. You should read 13.5 to 15.5 volts with a digital DC volt meter. If it is less or more than these figures it is defective.

Can you eliminate alternator from car?

you need the alternator to charge the battery with no alternator when the battery drops to about 10 volts car will not run at all.

What happens to your car when the alternator goes out?

It'll run solely off the battery for a little while until the battery becomes too depleted. The check engine light will most likely come on, as well. This is, of course, provided the alternator doesn't seize when it goes out. If it does seize, your vehicle will either stall out, or it'll cause the b ( Full Answer )

How do you start a car without a alternator?

If the battery is sufficiently charged, it'll still start the car. However, it won't run for very long... the battery will be providing electricity for things such as the ECMs, spark plugs, etc., and it'll drain the battery pretty quickly.

Why does your car keep blowing alternators?

Can be because of a bad battery, or overloading the charging system with extra accessories (like aftermarket stereos), or jump starting either that car or other cars with that car. If none of the above there may be a short or other electrical problem. Sometimes vehicles just have bad designed altern ( Full Answer )

Why is a generator of a car is called an alternator?

Generators were used in vehicles up to the mid 1960's. They used dc voltage and were slow to replenish batteries. You had to drive approx. 7 miles at 30 mph or faster just to recharge battery to level prior to starting vehicle. Alternators replaced generators in the late 1960's. Alternator use ac vo ( Full Answer )