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In the cell structure, centrioles and chromatin function as the blueprint. Housing genetic information ensuring the structure is made correctly.

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Q: What are analogies for Centriole and Chromatin?
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Analogies for centriole?

Ribosome analogy

What are analogies for chromatin?


What structures are found in animal cells but not in plant cells that help with reproduction?

Centriole or chromatin

What are analogies for centrioles?

Centrioles are like spindles. A Centriole is like a straw because they both are tubes that let things get from one end to the other end. The centriole has a round look to it because it is made from nine triplets of microtubules that make a straw-like(as said above) look. A centriole is like a clothing rack because centrioles organize cell division and clothing racks organize sizes of clothing

What is the job of the centriole?

The centriole helps the cell when it divides

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Do the plant cells contain centriole?

No,plants do not contain centriole

What is the function of the centriole in a cell?

The centriole produces the cell's cytoskeleton

What is the structure of a centriole?

the pizza guy is the structure if the centriole hehe

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Where is a centriole located in a cell?

The centriole is located just outside of the nucleus.

How many microtubles are in each centriole?

Each centriole has nine microtubule triplets.

How do you draw a centriole?

u draw a centriole by drawing a bunch of straws together

What part of a factory would a centriole be?

In a factory the Centriole can be anything that would reproduce.

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Do animals have chromatin?

Yes, they do have chromatin.

When is Chromatin present in a cell?

Chromatin is always present in the cell. Chromosomes are composed of chromatin

What is chromatin and where is it found?

Chromatin is a combination of protein and DNA. Chromatin is found in the nucleus of the cell.

What you a chromatin?

I'm not a chromatin, but chromatin is the long strands of genetic material floating in the nucleus

Why does the centriole divide?

A centriole splits so that both cells will receive copies of the same chromosome

Where is the genatic material located in the nucleus?

In the Chromatin (can be remembered as chromatin are long and thin). The Chromatin are inside of the nucleus and inside of the Chromatin is the DNA (genetic material).

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