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Q: What are answerable questions?
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Why does not have an answer for your question?

Questions are answered through people like me and you not all questions are Answerable. We try to answer them.

Is this still millsberry you are talking about?

Please only ask answerable questions.

6 grade solutions?

Please, PLEASE, Make questions understandable and answerable.

How did it look like in 100000 years ago?

How did WHAT look like, please make your questions answerable.

Is there an unanswerable question?

Any question is answerable. There are a few questions that cannot be answered truthfully, like "are you dead?"

What age was dale when he died?

Questions are meant to be answerable by anyone who visits the site. You need more information in the question.

Interrogative Sentence answerable by yes or no?

Example 'yes or no' questions... Are you female. Is your hair black. Are you employed. Do you speak English.

Will you give me some answers?

If you ask some questions, people will try to give you some answers. However, some questions are not answerable if the question doesn't include enough details.

What was the size in World War 1 and World War 2?

Big and Bigger. Please ask answerable questions if you want a sensible answer.

Example of rising intonation question?

Questions answerable by yes or no are rising intonation. Questions starting with wh like: Who, what, where, how, and why are falling intonation. examples: What's your nam? Where do you live? Who are your parents? How old are you? Why are you here?

How did hurricane Katrina effet the south eastern state?

Which stat are you referring to. Please take care to make your questions exact (and therefore answerable) if you want us to answer them for you.

Can a scientific inquiry be constructed about any questions?

No. There are questions whose possible answers can't be tested by experiment, and are therefore not answerable by scientific means. The classic one, though not the only one by far, is the question of the existence of God.