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What are antihistamines?

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According to the Cleveland Clinic web site, "Antihistamines help relieve symptoms by blocking the action of histamine. Histamine is a naturally occurring substance that is released by the immune system after being exposed to an allergen. When you inhale an allergen, mast cells located in the nose and sinus membranes release histamine. Histamine then attaches to receptors on nearby blood vessels, causing them to enlarge (dilate). Histamine also binds to other receptors located in nasal tissues, causing redness, swelling, itching, and changes in the secretions. By blocking histamine receptors, antihistamines prevent symptoms" (Cleveland Clinic web site 11/10/2008).

So in essence what is occurring is an antihistamine blocks the ability of the body's histamine to attach to the normal receptor to tell the body to have a runny nose, itchy eyes, swelling, etc. They do not inhibit the release of histamine, as this would affect a wide array of other vital body functions that rely on histamine to work properly (such as acid production in the stomach).

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How does risperdal interact with antihistamines?

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Can you mix thyroxine and antihistamines?

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What is the effect of antihistamines?

Antihistamines are chemicals that block the effect of histamine, in varying ways. Most antihistamines act on the H1 receptor. Physiologically, antihistamines stop the histamine reaction, and may also induce drowsiness.

What are alterntives to antihistamines?

antihistamines: vitamin C and the bioflavonoid hesperidin act as natural anithistamines.

Can acetaminophen or antihistamines cure chlamydia?

Antihistamines and acetaminophen will not cure chlamydia. You need antibiotics.

Do antihistamines have gluten in them?


Why are antihistamines taken?

Antihistamines are taken to relieve the symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and congestion.

Do antihistamines reduce swelling?

If the swelling is due to an allergic reaction, then yes, antihistamines do help to reduce swelling.

Do antihistamines affect the birth control pill?

There are no known drug interactions between antihistamines and the birth control pillThere are no known drug interactions between antihistamines and birth control or morning after pills.

What are the effects of antihistamines?


Where can you find antihistamines?

At a pharmacy

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Can you take Antihistamines with Lansoprazole?

Yes, Prevacid (R) and antihistamines such as Claratin (R) and Benadryl (R) can be taken together.

Why is caffeine sometimes combined with antihistamines?

Antihistamines are sometimes combined with caffeine to counteract the drowsiness that those drugs cause.

Does afrin contain antihistamines?

Yes, it does. 80% of all nasal sprays contain antihistamines. Antihistamines are the active ingredient in the medication. Reading the leaflet included with the medication or asking your pharmacist would also provide you with this information.

How long do antihistamines stay in your system?

From reading around, they can stay in your system for a few to 24 hours depending on what antihistamines you have taken.

What are adverse effects of antihistamines?

Common ones (with all but prescription antihistamines) are drowsiness and very dry nasal and oral membranes.

What side effects can antihistamines have?

Side effects are dry mouth and drowsiness, especially with the first few doses. Antihistamines should not be taken by people who are driving or operating dangerous equipment. Some people have allergic reactions to antihistamines.

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Does antihistamines reduce swelling?

yes it does

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Can antihistamines be taken with methotrexate?

Yes, most antihistamines are safe to take with methotrexate. You should still speak to your doctor about your specific case.

Is it safe to take antihistamines during pregnancy?


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