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Baby sharks are called pups

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What are baby sharks?

baby sharks are called pupsbaby sharks are baby sharks

What is a great white sharks baby called?

Baby sharks are called pups.

What are kid sharks called?

Baby sharks are called pups.

What are baby hammerhead sharks called?


How are baby sharks called?

a baby shark is called a pup

What are sharks baby are called?

A baby shark is called a pup

What are the tiger sharks baby called?

The young offspring of sharks are called pups.

What names do baby male and females sharks have?

Baby sharks of either sex are called pups

Baby sharks are called?


Dogfish are small sharks so naturally what are baby sharks called?


What is a sharks baby clled?

They are called pups.

What are shark babys called?

Baby Sharks are called pups

What are shark babies called?

baby sharks are pups

What is a baby whale shark called?

Like all sharks, a baby whale shark is called a pup.

Baby shark name?

The name of a baby shark is a pup

What are baby whale sharks called?

baby whale sharks are born as live young. they are called pups. they stay near parent their for around 6 weeks then they go out and suck food.

Why are baby sharks called pups?

they are because people named them that way

Do sharks eat baby sharks?

Yes..and baby sharks eat their siblings when they are first born

What is a tiger sharks baby called?

Baby Tiger Shark!

What are the egg sacs for sharks called?

Egg sacs for sharks are called well, egg sacs. However, baby sharks that come OUT of the egg sacs are called pups. Is that what you were trying to ask? If not, I hope I answered your question well enough.

Do baby sharks bite?

Baby sharks do in fact bite other things in it's path. Baby sharks were known to bite their siblings in the womb.

What arebaby sharks called?

As silly as it is, baby sharks are commonly called pups. A mother shark can have anywhere from one to one hundred babies at any given time.

How do baby sharks feed?

When the baby sharks is in the moms stomach, sometimes they eat there siblings.

What do baby bull sharks eat?

baby bull sharks eat small fish

What is a baby basking shark called?

A baby basking shark is called a pup. This term is used until these young sharks mature and are able to fend for themselves.

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