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Basic criteria used for line drawing include accuracy, clarity, and consistency. Accuracy refers to the correctness of proportions and measurements in the drawing. Clarity refers to the legibility and visibility of the lines in the drawing. Consistency implies uniformity of lines in terms of thickness and style throughout the drawing.

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Q: What are basic criteria's used for line drawing?
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Where in drawing a center line is used?

In a drawing, a centre line is used to show the centre of a part.

Where in drawing a zigzag line used?

For shortening a long same sized drawing

What is a leader line in engineering drawing?

A leader line is a thin line on a design or blueprint that is used to connect a dimension line with a particular area or point on the drawing.

What is used for ruler?

Measuring stuff or drawing a straight line.

What is the definition of an object line?

a heavy solid line used on a drawing to represent the outline of an object.

What are the alphabet of lines with application drawing?

Alphabet of line is the usage of line types on a drawing. They are used to describe the various features of an object to the person reading the print.

What is a line graph?

A continuous graph that shows change over time.

What is dtext in autocad?

This command is used to create single line text in drawing

What are the purpose of T-square?

Used for drawing horizontal lines. To support set squares when drawing vertical line and inclined lines.

In an architectural drawing where CL is center line what is PL line?

PL is Poly Line which is a continuous line that while drawing it with pressing right click of the mouse you can choose to draw arch or line or . . . CL is Centerline and used in Working Drawing which is the final stage of a Drawing and has to be accurate and without mistakes. CL is used to show the center of the mail walls of each floor and while measuring, you will use the the Center to Center (c/c) dimansions instead of outer or inner surfaceof the walls. I hope this can help you

What type of line is normally used in a mechanical drawing or blueprint to represent an edge or object not visible to the viewer?

Medium solid line

Why have a phlebotomy?

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