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What are basic engineering services in hospital?


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Basic engineering services in hospital can be divided into: ACTIVE SERVICES 1. Technical Services : Like Radiologist, X Ray technician, MRI, C.T. Scan ?" 2. Infrastructual: Gases, Compressors 3. Hospital Systems Engineering; Materials / Work Flows/ Operation Theater/ ICU/ CCU / Instrumentation/ Systems & control /Automation 4.Infrastructual Operational Services : Refrigeration, Laundary, Fumigation, Waste handling & Mangaemnent, supplies, Lift, Signage systems - informative and protective, CSSD, Mortuary, Sytems & IT, Water Heating systems, Steam generators, Diesel generators as auxiliay power Maintenance: Building Maintenance. Maintenance of Bio-medical equipments, DG, Transformers, UPS, Medical Gas, Water treatment plants, Effluent treatment plants, Misc Support Services: PA systems, Telephone, Fire prevention and fire detection systems, Infrastructural : Buildings, Vehicles Waste Handling, Incinerations Etc. SUPPLIES Water, Electricity ( including Recyclining) Uninterrupted power to Critical operations etc. Contingency Plans