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Q: What are benefits of being a make up artist?
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How much do make up artist earn a year in the state of Arizona?

A make up artist makes about 26,000 dollars a year in Arizona. Being a private make up artist or a celebrity artist may bring in higher pay.

How much do you get paid for being a make-up artist in Australia?

It all depends on who you're working for, for example, a makeup artist in the movie industry would make more than a makeup artist for a commercial or a magazine.

What is a make up artist called?

a make up artist OR an image stylist

How much money does a make up artist make?

It all depends on what kind of a make up artist you want to be. If your going to be a professional you make about $1,200-$2,000 a day, but as a junior make up artist, you can make about $600 a day.

What actors and actresses appeared in Memoirs of a Make Up Artist - 2012?

The cast of Memoirs of a Make Up Artist - 2012 includes: Elia Cantu as Make Up Artist Samantha Peter as Bride

What make up do you use to pass The Pro test on Imagine Make Up Artist?

No you ought to not choose the Artist

Who is the best anime make up artist?

Who the best anime make up artist is depends upon the qualities that you like in an artist. It's simply a matter of opinion, as to the artist that you like best.

What is Jemma Kidd famous for?

Jemma Kidd is famous for being a make-up artist, and a model. Jemma Kidd also runs her own beauty/make-up school, along with having a famous make-up line

What do make up artist do at work?

They do the make-up of there client.

What are the functions of a make up artist?

the help for the make up

What type of training do you need to become a makeup artist?

You would have to start out as a cosmetologist majoring in make up. After you have experience for several years you could look into being a movie makeup artist.

Who is Miley Cyrus' personal make-up artist after all does she have one?

no, her dog does it. What do you think, of course she has a make up artist!!! lol

When was Dick Smith - make-up artist - born?

Dick Smith - make-up artist - was born on 1922-06-26.

What do I have to do to take make up classes to become a professional make up artist?

Make up classes are just like classes at any other school. You can take them through any make up artist school. There are several lists online of where to go. Make up classes aren't hard to find. There are several make up schools that you can attend to become a professional make up artist.

What license do you need to be a make up artist?

i love make up artists

In Illinois how much can you make while on unemployment?

you can make up to half of your benefits, after that they take dollar for dollar. when you make over your benefits your unemployment benefits stop.

Who did the make up in the film Star Wars?

Make-up Department: Rick Backer: make-up artist Doug Beswick: make-up artist Stuart Freeborn: make-up artist supervisor Graham Freeborn: special effects make-up crew Kay Freeborn: make-up artist Nick Maley: special effects make-up crew Patricia McDermott: hair stylist Charles E. Parker: special effects make-up crew Christopher Tucker: special effects make-up crew

What type of cars can make up artists can afford?

There is no average price range for the type of car a make up artist can afford. This is because the pay scale can vary for make up artist depending on their role in the industry.

Who was the makeup artist in breakfast at Tiffany's?

Wally Westmore is the make-up artist of the movie.

Is Kandee Johnson the make-up artist on You Tube a con-artist and a cybe-beggar?


What is a hair and make-up artist?


What is aesthetic therapist?

A make up artist!

What is a visagiste in Ukraine?

Make-up Artist

Do you have to be good at hairdressing for beeing Make-up artist?

Not really you need to be good at make up

How mush do make-up artist make?

$15 - $20 an hour :)