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there is no benefit anymore used to be propane was a 1/4 the price of diesel and that was the only reason it was used anymore the price of propane and diesel is about the same

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What can you use instead of petrol in your cars in the future?

diesel Ethanol Natural Gas Propane Battery power

What is the best diesel engine for a tractor trailer?

Depends what you want, power, economy or low $$$$ For power, go with a CAT For economy Detroit S60 Dor low $$$ Cummins.

What are the benefits of decentralization in an economy?

There are a few potential benefits of decentralization in an economy. Some of those benefits include more money being retained by local resources and stimulate local economies. It curbs the excesses spending and power of central government.

What are the benefits to a diesel power generator?

Diesel power generators are now much quieter and require less maintenance. They are also cheaper to operate and since they burn better compared to gas, their life span is longer.

What are the advantages of diesel engines?

Fuel economy Less maintenance Run cooler More power @ lower RPM's

How does a diesel power plant work?

A diesel powerplant uses the diesel power cycle for energy generation. A diesel power plant is one using a diesel engine to run a generator coupled to it. A generator produces power when it rotates.

Diagram of diesel engine power plant?

diesel power plant

Why the power shared by diesel power plant is less?

why the power shared by diesel plant is less

What can you tell me about home electricity generation?

There are several different types of power generators that can be used in the event of a power outage. Of particular interest would be either diesel or propane generators. You must first determine the power requirement you will have (power draw and the desired duration) and then source the best product.

What are propane generators used for?

Propane generators are used to provide power should a power outage occur. Propane is a good option as it has a long shelf life and is readily available at most gas stations.

What type of electric power generator works better?

Solar generators, currently, do not produce large amounts of power without a great number of photo panels and a large on-site battery. I would recommend, for simplicity, you look at diesel or propane based power generators.

What types of fuels are used to power cars.?

gasoline, diesel, CNG (compressed natural gas), Propane (forklifts-not normally cars), Hydrogen gas, coal/wood for steam powered cars.

Where can I buy a gas generator?

Please ensure you are looking for the right kind of gas- liquid propane or diesel. Websites like sell both types of generators that can provide you with the power you require, as needed, in the event of a power outage in your area.

What are the advantages of propane powered generators?

Propane generators are a good, solid choice. Propane is easy to find, can come in prefilled containers, and is a reliable fuel source. Propane produces significant power per unit of combustion, so will be relatively efficient for your power generation needs.

What kind of generator should I buy for different purposes?

Power generators come in different types based on fuel source (propane or diesel) and power output. They are generally not made for different purposes- they create electricity to power devices in the event standard electricity sources are unavailable.

How many hours will a propane generator run after the power goes out?

The factors that determine how long a propane generator can run are the size of the propane tank, the size of the generator, the brand of generator, and what is being used under the generator's power.

When was Diesel Power - magazine - created?

Diesel Power - magazine - was created in 2005.

What is the best power generator for home use?

I would recommend a Generac, though these can be more expensive. Have you determined the desired fuel source (diesel or propane) and the amount of power you would need in the event of an outage? Without this information, buying a new generator is not easy.

Keep Enough Propane?

Propane powered generators are great for a lot of situations. You can use them when the power goes out at your home in the winter or summer, or you can take them with you in the woods when you are camping. However, you need to make sure you have enough propane to last because if the power is out, the gas pumps that supply the propane probably won't work.

What is the brake horse power for a peugeot 307cc?

The brake horsepower of the diesel version of the 307 cc is 135, and the 2.0 petrol model is 138 bhp. The diesel model feels more sporty due to the torque delivery, the cc is a heavy car and benefits for the power delivery of the diesel engine/gearbox.

What is the fuel to power ratio in diesel engines?

In diesel engine fuel to power ratio is 1:50

Do Diesel truck engines get better mpg than gasoline truck engines?

Diesel engines get better fuel economy because they do not need to burn as much fuel as a gas engine to get the same power. By design a supercharged engine will produce more power whether it be gasoline or diesel. A diesel engine has more torque at lower rpm than gas engines and therefore uses less fuel. The correct answer is YES.

Is the dodge ram power wagon diesel or gasoline?

theolder power rams were gasoline the brand new power ram is a cummins diesel

Does diesel engine release maximum soot?

Compared to heavy industry, no. Compared to gas, propane, etc, engines, yes. The draw back from using diesel engines is they put out the most "Heavy" particulates then a gas engine. ALL vehicles have soot/heavy particulates. With the newer diesels it has become less of a problem. The upside of running a diesel is you get more power/torque from a diesel then a gasoline engine. More bang for your buck.

How much horse power will a perormance chip give?

This is not an answerable questionSome chips on some diesel engines will add over 100 horse powerSome chips on the same engines cost power and fuel economy because of poor designSome auto chips will increase power or fuel economyBUTMost do nothing or make things worse.

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