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What are bengal tiger adaptations?

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What differences are there between a Bengal tiger and a Bengal tiger cub?

Well Bengal tiger cubs are baby bengal tigers.

What are tiger breeds?

Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger, White Bengal tiger.

How is a Bengal tiger different from a normal tiger?

A Bengal tiger is a species of tiger, as is the Amur tiger.

What is the common name of the Bengal tiger?

Common names are: Bengal tiger, Royal Bengal tiger, Indian tiger, Shere Khan.

Bengal tiger vs African lion?

The African lion, because lions are the king of the beast.

Sleep Bengal tiger?

what is the sleeping pattern of the bengal tiger?

What is the classification of Bengal tiger?

Mammal the Bengal tiger is a mammal.

Is a Bengal tiger a marsupial?

No. A Bengal tiger is a placental mammal.

What does Bengal in Bengal Tiger mean?

The "Bengal" in "Bengal Tiger" refers to an area in Asia. Roughly, it is the area of Bangladesh.

What is between Bengal tigers and a normal tiger?

The Bengal tiger is the biggest tiger from all.

What will win a Royal Bengal Tiger or a Siberian Tiger?

A Royal Bengal Tiger will win!!!!!

What is a male Bengal tigers called?

A male Bengal tiger is called a male Bengal tiger!!!

What is the scientific name for the Bengal tiger?

The Bengal Tiger, or Royal Bengal Tiger(Panthera Tigris Tigris or Panthera Tigris bengalensis).

What is a young Bengal tiger called?

What is a young Bengal tiger called? It is called a young Bengal tiger.

How do you write an outline for a Bengal Tiger?

just write Bengal tiger

Do you capitalize Bengal Tiger?

Bengal should be capitalized but tiger shouldn't be.

What species is the Bengal Tiger?

The Bengal tiger is Panthera Tigris Tigris.

When was the Bengal tiger declared extinct?

The Bengal tiger is not extinct, but it is endangered.

What does white Bengal tiger mean?

The name, White Bengal Tiger refers to a tiger from the Bengal area of Southern Asia called a Bengal Tiger, but of a variety with much lighter than normal markings.

Is Richard Parker a Indian or Bengal tiger?

Richars Parker is Bengal tiger and not an Indian tiger.

How does a Bengal tiger have cubs?

they mate with a male Bengal tiger and then they have cubs its like what every other tiger does

Which animal can kill the Bengal Tiger?

only a human can kill a bengal tiger

What is the color of a Bengal tiger?

the Bengal tiger can be white or orange with black and white

What animal kingdom is the Bengal tiger from?

the animal kingdom that the bengal tiger is from is India....

What is the scientific name of a Bengal Tiger?

The Bengal tiger is Panthera Tigris Tigris.

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