What are birds classified as?


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Birds are classified as...

Kingdom: Animal

Domain: Aves


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Yes birds are animals.

Yes birds are animals.

The biological classification for birds is Aves.

acoelomates Birds and fish are both vertebrates

Birds have feathers(at least adults are supposed to)and bats don't. Birds have beaks but bats don't. bats have fingers but birds don't. Prosses of elimination mah friend

He classified most as birds, he even included bats. But as for butterflies and hummingbirds, he classified as bugs. He never studied hummingbirds enough to realize that they were birds.

In terms of animal classifications, birds and fish are separate from one another. Birds and bony fish, however, can be classified as vertebrates because they both have vertebral columns.

They are classified as Game Birds

No. Kiwi are birds. They are small, flightless birds endemic to New Zealand.They are not classified as mammals.

Penguins have the distinguishing characteristics of birds and are classified as "flightless birds".

Birds have an internal skeleton and a backbone so they are classified as vertebrates.

Birds neither reptiles nor mammals; they are classified as aves.

Technically, yes. Ostriches are birds. Birds are now classified as dinosaurs.

No. Birds and mammals are entirely separate from one another.

Ducks are classified as birds because they have feathers and do not possess mammary glands. They also lay eggs just like all other birds.

Eggs are classified after mass and aspect, date of production, living conditions of birds, etc.

Yes, since birds are classified as dinosaurs.

There are 5,739 species of birds that are currently classified as passerines. However, there may be many more species that have not been named and classified by scientists because they live in remote areas.

Technically yes. Birds are now classified as dinosaurs.

Birds and Bats both have spinal chords, the primary characteristic of the phylum Chordata.

No, robins are classified as vertebrates as are all birds. Birds are considered as vertebrates due to their internal skeletons and backbone.

Birds are classified as warmblooded animals. They eat worms and fly. They lay eggs and then they hatch.

Birds are not mammals. They are in their own category, which is "Birds". The only two egg-laying mammals are the platypus and the echidna, which are classified as monotremes.

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