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A black light is commonly used by dermatologists to detect skin disorders, by "bug zapper" insect traps. They can also be used for decorative purposes as well as the arts.

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Q: What are black lights used for?
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What light is used in black lights?

Ultraviolet light.

What song is used in the Kmart commercial 2012 black Friday?

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What color are the lights used to outline taxiways?

yellow and black

What are the black pads in the seats of the Olympic stadium?

I think they were used as the LED lights for the opening ceremonies.

Are black lights or red lights harmful to Chinese Water Dragons?

I'm not sure about black lights but in-fared lights are good for night time lighting and heating

What are ultraviolet lights called?

They are sometimes called "black lights".

Are black lights fluorescent?

black lights are lights. so they are not flourescent, however they can light up flourescent objects (like highlighter ink or paper)

Where can you rent black lights in Ohio?

You can Rent Black Lights almost everywhere even at some Party Stores.

What can black lights make you see?

cat pee and scorpions glow under black lights, but i dont know what you can see with black lights.hope i helped=]

Are uv lights and black lights the same?

Yes, they are both the same.

Are black lights and uv lights the same?

Yes, they are both the same.

What are the black boxes in front of every seat in the olympic stadium?

The black boxes were lights that were used during the opening ceremonies. They flashed and linked along with the music, and were also an interactive element for the audience. During the ceremony, there were "Mechanicals,"who demonstrated how and when to use the lights.