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Q: What are bluegills babies called?
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Why are bluegills called bluegills?

because they are blue

Are bluegills also called sunfish?

Yes, and many other local names.

Do bluegills eat dolphins?

No- dolphins are bigger, and bluegills and dolphins do not live in the same place.

When do bluegills mate?

Bluegills normally spawn in late April in the south, later in the north. June in New York and points north.

Do bluegills have scales?

They Have scales.

How heavy do bluegills get?

On rare occasions, bluegills can reach up to nearly five pounds, but normally average less than one pound.

Where do bluegills live at?

Behind that prepositon.

Where can you find bluegills?

on a blue fish

Do bluegills eat bread?


Are bluegills hostile to humans?

No they are not but they may try to chase you away from their nesting area. Bluegills have no teeth, so they cannot break skin if they swim at you with their mouth open.

What are the owls babies called?

the owls babies are called owlets

What are babies called in England?

they're called babies!

How do bluegills eat?

They eat small insects

What are orangutan called when there babies?

just called babies or infants.

What is 6 babies called?

six babies are called sextuplets

What are coyote babies called?

Coyote babies are called pups.

What are mole babies called?

Mole babies are called pups.

What does a blue gill eat?

Baby Bluegills will eat water fleas and rotifers. Adults will eat insect larvae, small fish, and worms. In scarce conditions, they'll eat plant matter and sometimes resort to eating their own babies and eggs.

How many eggs do bluegills lay in a year?


How long are bluegills?

They are about 3 to 6 inches long.

What is the bluegills weight?

the weight of a bluegill is 0.2 pounds

What pond creature eats a gilled snail?


Can people in Wisconsin catch and use bluegills for bait?


What is a doctor called when they deliver babies?

Doctors who deliver babies are called obstetricians.

What are bottlenose dolphin babies called?

Bottlenose dolphin babies are called calves