What are boron halides?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Just what it sounds like. Halide compounds with boron in them.

I'll elaborate. A halide is a halogen compound with a negative charge on the halogen. This is usually the case sine halogens are very electronegative and will steal electron density from many things they bond to.

Boron isn't a tough one to crack, in the first place. It's quite electropositive, sat there on the third row.
Third row. 3 valence electrons. Halides only want one. Getting two or 3 is very unfavourable, they only want to fill their octet. So why not have 3 halogens on the Boron? That works!

BCl3 is a prime example of a boron halide. The boron here is very positive, as the chlorines take its electron density. The chlorines are, then, negatively charged and so the compound is a halide compound...with boron in it. Boron halide.

BF3 is another one, and possibly the one you will come across most often. Same principles.

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Q: What are boron halides?
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Is boron a pure substance?

Boron is a chemical element with symbol BIts atomic number is 5.It is a pure solid at room temperatureIts melting point is above 2000 degrees centigrades

What does halides have in it?

well halides have usually other atoms in it but these halides have fluorine chlorine and calcium

Why vinyl halides and arylic halides are less reactive than other halides?

In vinyl and arylic halides, Carbon Halogen bond have double bond character due to presence of lone pair of electron on halogen atom. So it can not be easily broken as compared to carbon halogen bond in other halides, so they are more reactive than other halides.

Are carbonates and halides silicate or non silicate?

carbonates and halides are non-silicates.

Does halides contain silicon?

only silicon halides contain silicon. others dont

Is silver halides a metal or alloy?

Siver Halides are neither a metal or an alloy. They are a salt.

Why is phosphorous form two halides?

Phosphorus can have variable oxidation state and have two different oxidation states in its halides. Hence forms two types of halides of the type PX3 and PX5 (where X is the halogen).

When was the element boron named boron?

boron was named boron because of the properties it has

Which element has atoms which contain 5 protons?

The answer is Boron :)

How can quarternary alkanes be produced from lower alkyl halides?

Quarternary alkanes can be produced from lower alkyl halides through carbocations.

Which group of p block elements react to form halides?

halogens react to form halides

What is the allotropes for boron?

two allotropes of boron ; crystalline boron and brown amorphous boron