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It contains many channels, not just one


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Q: What are braided river?
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Where is the braided river in Scotland?

The River Freshie at Cairngorms, Scotland, is an example of a braided river.

Which is the braided river in India?


Is the Mississippi River braided or a meandering river?

The Mississippi is a meandering river. Braided rivers are relatively shallow and slow moving except in times of flood. Unlike the Mississippi, they seldom are navigable by large boats.

Why brahmaputra is a braided river?

Brahmaputra is a braided river because it one of the number of channel type and has a channel which consists of network of small channels which are separated by small islands which braids.

What causes the braided network of a river?

The dumping of sediment as the gradient of the river channel gets less.

What is braided river . Give an exaple?

A braided river is one of a number of channel types and has a channel that consists of a network of small channels separated by small and often temporary islands called braid bars. Example: Waimakariri River-New Zealand..

What factors lead to a braided channel pattern?

The sediment load is large and the river gets confused and breaks up into smaller channels with a branching, but braided look.

How are riverine island formed?

Riverine islands are formed when a river has a braided channel and by the deposition of sand and silt carried by the river.

Definition of Braided Channel in Oxford Dictionary?

the channel which form by the flowing of river in a pattern

How are braided rivers formed?

Braided rivers are formed when sediment and gravel are carried down the river and deposited to form flat basins between the mountains and coastal plains.

Why does a narwhal's tusk look braided?

Not braided, but twisted

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