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What are brazils imports and exports?

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they are coffee,bananas,cacoa.

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What are Brazils main imports and exports?

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What are Iran's imports and exports?

Imports and Exports

What is brazils main exports?


What are imports and exports of America?

what are imports and exports of america?

What is the main imports and exports of Martinique?

what are martinique imports and exports

What are the imports and exports of the muscular system?

imports are the heart and exports are the foot

What are antigua's imports and exports?

Exports @

What are Argentina's imports and exports?

Exports: Beef and fish Imports: Garments (Clothing)

What are some imports and exports of Florida?

Florida exports oranges, and imports cars.

What does it mean to an economy if exports exceed imports?

exports more than it imports

What is it called when exports exceed imports?

A trade surplus is when exports exceed imports.

What are the 5 major imports and exports?

what are the 5 major exports and imports of japan

What are the major imports of Somalia?

three major exports and imports of Somalia three major exports and imports of Somalia

Major imports and exports of Texas?

Texas major imports and exports are hay and barley grain. they also exports them

What are the imports and exports of Iraq?

The major imports and exports of Iraq are... imports: food, rugs, fabric and blankets. exports: oil, natural gas, and raw material.

What is brazils main imports?

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What are imports and exports of India?

The imports and exports of India are cotton ,grains,jute etc.

Why do you have imports and exports?

u have imports and exports so that the ine of trade can continue and think about it, if we didnt have chinas exports what would we have

What are the exports and imports?

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What are the major imports and exports of Greece?

Wine, Bread, and Cheese are major imports and exports of Greece

What are major exports and imports of Qatar?

Exports: Petroleum and Liquified Natural Gas Imports: Machines

What is an excess of imports over exports?

This would be a trade deficit, where the imports cannot be balanced by exports.

Brazils main exports?

exports= equipment, iron ore, footwear,coffee, and autos. thanks to google.

Brazils imports and exports?

They export equipment, iron ores, footwear, coffee, automobiles, and raw materials, while they import machinery, electrical equipment, transport equipment, oil, and manufactured goods.

What are Brazils major imports?

Brazil's major imports are crude oil, automobiles, automotive parts, gasoline, and medications. Brazil exports soybeans, coffee, and iron ore. The fifth largest country in the world, Brazil occupies a large portion of South America.

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