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Bulkheads is the navy term for wall, therefor to keep the water in.

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Q: What are bulkheads used for in pools?
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What are bulkheads used for?

Bulkheads are used to subdivide space. They can be used in a variety of places including airplanes, ships, or basements. Bulkheads can provide watertight compartments or provide additional support to existing structures by strengthening the frame.

How are bulkheads different than baffles?

Baffles are walls, bulkheads are man holes

Can a bulkhead in a coastal area help prevent tsunami damage?

Bulkheads are occasionally used to prevent damaged caused by waves. However, the primary use of bulkheads is to prevent erosion.

What are watertight bulkheads?

Ship Bulkhead=Bulkheads are the metal watertight compartments that store water so a ship cannot sink=Van Bulkhead=Bulkheads for vans are the same as ship bulkheads, but thinner and do not store water, but cargo.=

Is salt used in swimming pools?

It is used in some pools, but not others. Chlorine is used as well.

What is the max. length between the 2 transverse bulkheads called?

because you used the term "THE 2 bulkheads" it appears that you are speaking of ship building. Therefore the distance would be called the beam.

How are swimming pools used?

Swimming pools are used for recreation, exercise and for rehabilitation of an injury.

What element is used to disinfect swimming pools?

Chlorine is used to disinfect swimming pools.

How tall were the Titanic bulkheads?

The Titanic watertight bulkheads went up to E-deck. (the third class floor).

Where can one purchase a used Land Rover bulkhead?

Land Rover bulkheads can be purchased from many different companies through their websites. One could browse Pegasus Parts, Andover Land Rover and Land Rover Bulkheads.

Is chlorine used in pools?

Yes. Chlorine is used to prevent the growth of algae. Some pools use salt.

How many bulkheads did the titanic have?


How many bulkheads were there on the Titanic?


When were watertight bulkheads invented?


What element is used instead of chlorine in swimming pools?

Bromine is the other main sanitizer traditionally used in swimming pools.

Which gas is used to disinfect swimming pools?

Chlorine gas is a useful disinfectant, used to rid swimming pools of microbes.

Where can you find a 100 meter swimming pool?

100m swimming pools are not used - Olympic pools and regional pools are all 50m, with smaller pools using a 25m design. A now obsolete pool used a few decades ago was the 33.3 metre pool, but this is no longer used.

What is chlorine used in?

chlorine is used in pools to disinfect them.

How is the element bromine used?

used for swimmming pools

What is chlorine mostly used for?


What were fireworks originally used for?


What was the height of the Titanic bulkheads?

79 ft

Are Olympic pools saltwater?

Pools used in Olympic competitions are filled with chlorinated fresh water.

Are all swimming pools the same size?

No, but pools used for competitive swimming are standardized sizes.

What element is most used as the solution in swimming pools?

Hey, In most pools it is chlorine, but newer pools have been known to be use different chemicals.