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Chameleons learn how to hunt from their parents

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Q: What are chameloens learned behaviors from their parents?
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What are some learned behaviors for a bat?

A bats learned bahvior it is not hard to do the learn from there parents and famliy!

What kind of behaviors do organism inherit from their parents?

Organisms inherit instincts from their parents. Instincts are natural behaviors that are passed down through generations as opposed to learned behaviors.

How do offsprings resemble parents in learned behaviors?

The offspring learns it eventually

What are eagles learned behaviors?

Eagles learn to fly and fish with the help of their parents.

What are bobcats learned behaviors from parents?

They learn how to walk and some hunting strategies.

What are the platypus's learned behaviors?

what are the platypuses learned behaviors

What are the innate and learned behaviors of Sumatran tigers?

Some learned behaviors are that they are

What are some learned behaviors of pythons?

What are some learned behaviors of a python

What is the definition of learned or inherited behaviors?

behaviors that are known innately via genetic information because Inherited Behaviros - behaviors that are genetically passed from parents to offspring in plants and animals.

Detail the For and Against arguments for innate and learned behaviors?

Innate and learned behaviors are behaviors that are either known at birth or learned afterwards. Some people believe that certain behaviors are innate or that they are learned from adults of the same species.

How are instincts and learned behaviors alike and how are they different?

Instincts and learned behaviors are different because instincts are inherited behaviors and learned behaviors are taught behaviors (anything involving survival) to the offspring.They are alike because both of them result to survival, and they are both behaviors.

What is the similarity between learned behaviors and instincts?

instincts come natuarly and learned behaviors are learned so nothing

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