What are characteristics of Kingdom Eubacteria?


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group of bacteria thought to have evolved more recently than the archaebacteria; from the Greek eu- + bakterion, meaning "true" + "small staff"

Biologists separate the bacteria into two groups that differ in the composition of their cell walls and cell membranes and in the structure of some of their proteins. Because the differences between these two group are so great, it is likely that they diverged early in the history of life.

One group is the eubacteria, or "true bacteria" the most common bacteria today. Most living bacteria, including those that cause disease and decay, are eubacteria.


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Fungi is mostly multicellular but has some that are unicellular. Eubacteria is unicellular only.

A characteristic unique of the Eubacteria kingdom is that they have a cell wall made of peptidoglycan.

Fungi is multicellular while Eubacteria is unicellular. Fungi is heterotropic while Eubacteria is both heterotrophic and autotrophic. Fungi needs a place to grow on while Eubacteria can grow practically anywhere on the earth.

they are single celled organisms that live in every habitat on earth

Eubacteria are prokaryotic.

It is in the eubacteria kingdom.

Eubacteria have prokaryotic cells. Eubacteria IS Kingdom Bacteria! The Eu- was there to distinguish it from Archaebacteria when Archaebacteria were in the same kingdom as Eubacteria and not in its own kingdom of Archae, as they are now. (The old kingdom that contained both Eubacteria and Archaebacteria was called Kingdom Monera)

Eubacteria has peptidoglycan and Archaebacteria Does Not.

Either Eubacteria or Archaeabacteria

Eubacteria is the Kingdom of shigella.

Streptococci -Eubacteria that causes sore throat

Kingdom Eubacteria/Monera

eubacteria is the smallest kingdom


most are found in the eubacteria kingdom

Decomposer bacteria is in the kingdom Eubacteria.

Eubacteria, to be formal in Kingdom designation.

eubacteria consists of eukaryotic bacteria. They are single celled organisms, but eukaryotes.

either eubacteria or archaebacteria

archaebacteria and eubacteria

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