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Religion :)

According to Karl Popper, such claims are NON-FALSIFIABLE.

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Q: What are claims that can not be tested called?
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Is Kerastas Shampoo tested on animals?

The claims of the manufactures of the Kerastese shampoo are that the product is never tested on animals. Even though there is advertisement that says the shampoo is just a big chemical mix of products that have never been tested on animals or people for that matter

What is the factor being tested in an experiment called?

The factor that is being tested in an experiment is called a variable. The factor that is measured or observed is called the dependent variable.

What kind of false claims was Power Balance forced to retract?

Power Balance create hologram bracelets. They were forced to retract claims that their product improved one's strength, balance and flexibility when it was scientifically tested.

Are there any glues that are stain able?

Tite Bond ll is stainable. Gorilla Glue claims to be stainable, but I haven't tested it yet.

A method of advertising or selling that uses false claims is called?

A method of advertising or selling that uses false claims is called false advertising.

What is a hypothesis that can't be tested called?


What is A single conjecture that can be tested called?

It is a hypothesis.

A general satement that can be tested is called?


What is the factor to be tested in an experiment called?

a control

Submitting insurance claims directly to a third-party payer is called?

direct claims submission

Something that claims to be science but is not is called a?


Standardized deductive arguments which can be tested for validity by the Venn diagram method or by the rules method?

Categorical claims. Checked per quiz. In a philosophy course, the correct answer is Catagorical Syllogism. I put in Catagorical Claims and got it wrong.