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It is a similar name for customers. They are the people you provide a service to. In computing, a client is a computer that is part of a network and connected to a server. In this context a client can be called a host or sometimes a node. Like customers, services are being provided to it.

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Is it 'clients' have'...(as there are lots of clients) OR clients have...?

clients have

Is it 'clients' future' or is it 'clients' futures'?

client's future

How many clients did John Adams have?

31 clients 31 clients

In business what are the four types of clients?

1.external clients 2.internal clients 3.owners as clients 4.goverment bodies

How do you calculate persistency in insurance?

Persistency Formula= No. of Clients Paying the Premium / Net Active Clients * 100Net Active Clients Formula = Total Clients - (Clients in Freelook + Surrender + Death)

Does a Psychologist have patients or clients?

Psychologists have clients.

What does Les clients mean in English?

The clients

What is an anagram for clients?

An anagram for the word clients is stencil.

Are law clients confidential?

The clients are not confidential. Their discussions with their lawyers are.

Why do clients have the right to choose their food?

Either they are clients with rights to choose their food, or they are clients with rights to choose their providers. You chose.

An example of web-based application?

Specific types of clients include web browsers, email clients, and online chat clients.

What is the pronoun in an attorney should focus on clients?

There are no pronouns in the sentence, "An attorney should focus on clients."Examples of the sentence using pronouns:"He should focus on clients.""She should focus on clients.""An attorney should focus on them."

What is the plural possessive of client?

The plural form is clients. The plural possessive is clients'.

Where does the apostrophe go in a plural possessive for client?

At the end of clients. Thus, it is clients'.

What is plural of client?

The plural of client is clients.The collective noun of clients is clientele.

What kind of Communication we have with clients in social work?

which kind of communication we have with clients in social work

What had happened to the Atticus first two clients?

Atticus' first two clients were hanged.

When is the abbreviation co used before or after clients name?

* The 'CO' comes after the clients name.

Who are the clients of the financial system?

The Customers, Stakeholders are the clients of the financial system of a business house.

When evacuating clients because of fire which clients would be evacuated first?

ambulatory client

How many pages does Too Many Clients have?

Too Many Clients has 183 pages.

How many clients does a typical hair stylist have?

A hair stylist can have about 5 female clients in a day but handle more than 10 male clients over the same period. The number of clients also greatly depends on the location of the spa.

How many clients per cook?

How many clients a cook should have will all depend on their experience. The more experience the cook has, the better he will be able to handle more clients.

What do defensive lawyers do?

=Defensive lawyers defend their clients. They don't always agree with their clients but they defend them.=

Identify the customes clients in your organization?

When you learn the customs of the clients in your organization you will be able to serve them better.

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