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A cobbler is a person who mends footwear (typically shoes and boots). A cobbler may also be called a shoemaker.
The word, cobblers can be a mild retort meaning, 'nonsense' or 'cobblers to you!'

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They are for making and repairing footwear.

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Q: What are cobblers for?
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Where can you get cobblers in ayrshire?

There are many cobblers in Ayrshire. Irvine Shop Repairs, Tip Top, and Timpson are some of the top cobblers in this region.

What type of work do cobblers do?

Cobblers repair or make shoes.

When was Absolute Cobblers created?

Absolute Cobblers was created in 1999.

Who are the Cobblers?

Cobblers is the nickname for Northampton Town football club.

When was Cobblers' Bridge created?

Cobblers' Bridge was created in 1931.

What is the duration of Absolute Cobblers?

The duration of Absolute Cobblers is 1800.0 seconds.

What did colonial cobblers do?

Colonial cobblers had the job of making and repairing shoes and boots.

How much do cobblers earn?

Cobblers in the United States earn between $25,250 to $28,800 per year. The state that has the highest average income for cobblers is Minnesota, followed by Idaho, and Virginia.

What is a cobblers shop?

A cobblers shop is an old term for a shoe making factory, usually run from the house. These days cobblers shops also cut keys as well as fix shoes, but don't make them so much anymore.

What is the collective name for a group of cobblers?


What does the British term 'what a load of cobblers' mean?

'What a load of cobblers' means 'what a load of rubbish!' It is applied when you are talking about something that is false (ie lies). Example: "Jon said he didn't do it, what a load of cobblers! It was 'im alright!"

What profession does a leprechaun have?


Did cobblers exist in Ancient Rome?

Yes, they crafted the iconic Roman sandal and in the winter the Romans wore (ankle) boots and the cobblers made them too.

Who did the sandals in ancient Egypt?


Who does the cobblers job?

to make shoes

Where did a medieval shoemaker work?

In a cobblers shop.

Who are cobblers?

People who make and repair shoes.

What is the room called were cobblers work?


What is a shoemaker hammer?

They are known as a cobblers hammer.

Who made greek sandals?

Greek cobblers.

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Where do cobblers work?

A shoe repair kiosk or shop.

What is the 4 letter word for cobblers model?


What is a four letter word for cobblers model?


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