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Codes and conventions in MediaThe codes and conventions in media can be separated into 3 distinct groups -

- Technical (camera techniques & shots),

- Symbolic (ie clothing, colours)

- Written and audio (music etc).

These give the text meaning and determine the response of the viewer. They can be used as a basis for simple text analysis. So in order to compose any work related to media you should con

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Q: What are codes and conventions in media?
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The codes and conventions in an action movies areEXPLOSIONS - SPECIAL EFFECTS (EXCITING)

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There are different narrative codes for different films.

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The codes of a website are the buttons, search bars and links, whereas the conventions are the colours, images, sounds, videos, and other content.

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only real people

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Imagery Climax Characterisation Setting Contrast

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the codes and conventions of music videos are. codes= equipment used cameras, also symbolic codes for example what the person is feeling and how we see that convention= the way things are done within the video this also describes the genre of the music video The conventions of a music video vary depending on genre of music. However, some general conventions are: The artist is shown performing, the lyrics of the song influence what is shown in the video, the pace of editing fits the pace of the music, and the codes of dress reflect the mood of the song. hope i helped

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two characters tainted love that inserperable tied together.

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