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What are colons?


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The colon is part of your digestive system which processes food and liquid before being eliminated from the body.

In English grammar, a colon is a symbol used before listing.


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Hyphens, brackets, semi-colons, ellipses and colons.

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Semi-colons are....... ( ; ) example #1: i like to play the guitar; but only on Tuesdays. example #2: when the kids went out to the playground today; i had to stay in because i forgot to turn in my home work. i hope this answers your question....... ~* =]]]] *~

Combined sentences are sentences that are joined together by punctuation and conjunctions. Periods, comma's, semi colons, and colons are ways in which a sentence can be joined.

the semicolon is used in two different sentences linked together instead of a boring fullstop i hope this has helped you

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BOTH Answer: You are referring to punctuation marks. These include commas, colons, semi-colons, and periods.

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the transverse, the ascending and descending

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