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-They know karate

-They are awesome at math.

-They excel at some kind of instrument -- usually violin, piano, Clarinet, Flute.

-They are very studious and try hard to enter the medical field.

-They don't drive well.

-They have very strict parents (regarding school mostly).

-They have LOTS of relatives.

-They mainly eat rice.

-They watch a lot of Anime.

-Most girls in their childhood had a Hello Kitty obsession.

-They are anti-social sometimes.

-They get straight A's and straight A+'s all through school and college all through their lives without nothing never ever less than an A+ and an A on their report cards.

-People think that most asians are Chinese

-They speak like CHING CHANG CONG

-They love to abuse animals

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What are some of Asian stereotypes?

There are several of Asian stereotypes. Some of the most known are: Asians are smart Asians are skinny Asians do not speak English (do not take these seriously, they are just stereotypes and should not be considered true, as there are some Asians that fall in these categories, and some that fall out of these categories; this is true for all kinds of stereotypes)

What are common stereotypes about teenager?

Depends. For asians it would be 'nerds' for dark skinned people it would be : thieves.

What are stereotypes about Asians?

Eating chicken, ducks, and rice and speaking heavily accented English are stereotypes about Asians. In reality, the subcontinent's Indians commit to vegetarianism while many native Japanese language speakers learn not to confuse the "l" and "r" in English.

What are common stereotypes about gangsters?


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What are common stereotypes about politicians?

Common stereotypes about politicians include greediness, dishonesty, corruption, and the newest-a tendency towards sex scandals.

Examples of being stereotyping?

Examples: Negative stereotypes:All Blacks are lazyAll Asians are sneakyAll Latinos are on welfareAll Whites are racistPositive stereotypes:All Blacks are great basketball playersAll Asians are smartAll Latinos dance wellAll Whites are successful

What are common stereotypes about blacks?

I hate stereotypes but some common ones for African American people are: gangsta like, not fussy and sloppy less educated, ignorant

What are common stereotypes about religious beliefs?

god... jesus...

What do all Asia deserts have in common?

Thirsty asians

What common object are right triangular prism?


What are some Common stereotypes about native Americans?

There arent that many

What stereotypes exist about New Zealanders?

Common stereotypes would include an egalitarian outlook, and an ability to do anything, or at least a willingness to try anything.

What are some stereotypes of Americans?

The most common stereotypes about the American people are ignorance, selfishness, and obesity. Along with stereotypes of the French being rude and the Polish being unintelligent, this is often untrue. Puritan. Or atheistic.

Do Asians have the right to be amongst us common people?

Of course they do.

Are traditions common among Asians and Africans?

You sound white.

What is cultural stereotyping?

"all asians are good at math" or "all Jews are good with money"....both would be prime examples ( i tried to use positive stereotypes as to not offend)

What are some common stereotypes?

Nerds, Emo, Popular, Jock and bully.

What are common stereotypes about Chinese people?

they are cute............. especially chinese girls

What are common stereotypes of politicians?

Are all Chinese Asians smart at maths?

ster⋅e⋅o⋅type  [ster-ee-uh-tahyp, steer-] Show IPA noun, verb, -typed, -typ⋅ing. –noun Sociology. a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group: The cowboy and Indian are American stereotypes. Asians being smart at math is a stereotype.

What are common stereotypes of Professional athletes?

That they are African-American, Straight Males, who are rich.

What were some common stereotypes that existed about the Chinese miners?

la la laaa

What can stereotypes be about?

Stereotypes can be about nearly anything, and nearly any animal or group of people. Here are common categories of stereotypes:Animals - "Mice like cheese." "Elephants are afraid of mice." In reality, mice might prefer peanut butter over cheese, and elephants are rarely afraid of mice.Ethnic groups - The stereotypes include comments about intellect, athletic ability, physical features, criminality, sexual behaviors, etc. The stereotypes here can be seemingly positive too, such as the one about Asians being the smartest race, but they may indirectly harm the groups that are not included.Sexual orientations - A common hurtful stereotype is saying that people of a particular sexual orientation are more likely to commit illegal acts with children. While there may be a small amount of overlap due to age of consent laws, there is no sexual orientation that is more likely than any other to be involved in that.

What are common stereotypes about female drivers?

The common stereotypes about female drivers are that they aren't very good at driving, they drive too slow, with their body over the steer wheel, that they use their brakes often. Stereotypes about female drivers assume that women can't take care of their own cars, and even buy a car.