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What are common symptoms of mental illnesses?

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2007-08-16 22:02:48

There many, many mental illnesses out there. My aunt has ADHD, a

mental disorder that renders her incapable of concentrating or

staying in one spot for awhile. My father went to college with a

boy who had Tourette's Syndrome, a mental disorder that forces the

victim to shout out words for no reason whatsoever. A boy at my

high school has ODD, a disorder that makes him of a more

aggressive, bullying type. If you're talking about insanity, then

you may see MANY different characteristics in different people. If

you suspect you have ANY mental disorders, then talk to a

psycologist. Remember that it's their job to find out what's wrong,

and it's also their job to listen. You don't have to tell anybody,

and nobody will ever know.

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