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What are common symptoms of mental illnesses?

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There many, many mental illnesses out there. My aunt has ADHD, a mental disorder that renders her incapable of concentrating or staying in one spot for awhile. My father went to college with a boy who had Tourette's Syndrome, a mental disorder that forces the victim to shout out words for no reason whatsoever. A boy at my high school has ODD, a disorder that makes him of a more aggressive, bullying type. If you're talking about insanity, then you may see MANY different characteristics in different people. If you suspect you have ANY mental disorders, then talk to a psycologist. Remember that it's their job to find out what's wrong, and it's also their job to listen. You don't have to tell anybody, and nobody will ever know.

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What symptoms does a manic bipolar person have?

As with all mental illnesses, the symptoms of bipolar mania can vary from person to person. Some common symptoms of mania include high energy, sleeplessness, and euphoria.

What are the symptoms of mental illness?

Symptoms of mental illnesses vary from hearing voices, delusion's, obsessive behavior, odd behavior, depression, extreme low self esteem, lack of hygiene, repeating words or sentences, lack of common sense and many other not "normal" symptoms.

What is the DSM and what is it used for?

DSM is a book of mental illness symptoms and diagnosis and it is used by mental health professionals to diagnose such illnesses

Do Early symptoms of a biological attack may appear the same as common illnesses?


Are some mental illnesses inherited?

Yes some mental illnesses are genetically inherited.

What are some common mental illnesses assosiated with pathological liers?

Borderline personality disorder.

What are the common mental illness?

Depression, Bi polar disorder, Alzheimer's, Paranoia, Paranoid Schizophrenia, and Seasonal Affective Disorder are all fairly common mental illnesses.

What do mental health experts see as signs r symptoms of a mental disorder?

Psychiatrists and psychologists use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) to diagnose mental illnesses. This manual is currently on version 5 and catalogs the symptoms of all mental illnesses and disorders that have been defined by the American Psychiatric Association members. There are hundreds of disorders listed in the manual and each have their own set of symptoms and criteria for diagnosis. Mental health providers use observation and interview over time to diagnose disorders based on these criteria. You can read about the DSM5 at DSM5 dot org.

What are some common misdiagnosed illnesses?

Commonly misdiagnosed illnesses often share symptoms but not root causes. Illnesses whose symptoms include scratch or itchy throat, runny nose, fever, chills, and loss of appetite are commonly misdiagnosed if not tested for properly.

What is the description of mental illnesses?

The term "mental illness" refers to someone who has a mental (brain) related deficiency. Some of these mental illnesses affect your mood, behavior or actions.

How important is mental health?

Our mental health has to make as important as our physical health. Many mental disorders and illnesses can become physical symptoms if left untreated. If you think you suffer from some kind of MD or MI please see a mental professional.

What are some illnesses with similar symptoms to Impetigo?

Some illnesses with similar symptoms to impetigo are dermatitis, erysipelas, and MRSA.

What is a comparison between mental health and mental illness?

Mental illnesses are psychiatric disorder.

Is mental disease is transferable?

Mental illnesses are not contageous, that is they cannot be spread from one person to another. Some mental illnesses have a genetic component which may be passed on in families.

What mental illnesses affect homeostasis?

all mental illnesses essentially affect homeostasis because they all compromise brain function

How can you stop the hallucinations from mental illnesses for at least one night?

Find a specialist who treats mental illnesses and take the medication she prescribes.

Can a disease cause mental illnesses?

Many diseases do cause mental illnesses, especially when they affect the brain. Sometimes there is a chemical imbalance in the body that can cause mental illness, too.

What are the chances of someone experiencing a mental illness sometime in their lives ANSWER A.S.A.P?

Mental illnesses are mostly genetic. If there are no genetic markers then the chances of someone experiencing a mental illness sometime in their lives is not likely. If symptoms are present a doctor should be contacted immediately.

What does it mean when someone is described as having mental illnesses?

Mental illness is a very broad term describing many ailments, from mild anxiety disorders to full blown schizophrenia. They are caused by a complex combination of environment, genetic and personality factors. Depression and subsequent suicide are the most common mental illnesses.

Do animals have mental illnesses?

Yes, animals do have mental illnesses.There are known diseases such as Brad Savagism, this means that they will fail at everything they ever try to do.

Why does unemployment cause illnesses?

I don't think that it causes illnesses but mostly mental deseases..

What are behavior disorders or mental disorders?

These are kind of mental illnesses that affect our live a lot. They are more common than severe mental conditions such as schizophrenia, as they are usually caused by high levels of stress and a desire for perfectionism .

What causes Symptoms Dizzy Fever Nausea Sore Throat?

A lot of illnesses have these symptoms: anywhere from the common cold to strep throat, or even pneumonia. Consult a doctor

Mental exertion means?

it means mental illnesses or going coo koo

Celebrities with mental illnesses?

Vivian Leigh