What are computer applications?

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A computer application is simply another word for a computer program or an executable file. Examples would be games, word processors (such as Microsoft Word), and media players.
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What is computer applications?

Computer applications are basically programs or software which perform a function. An examples is Microsoft Word, which is a word processing program or application. All types of applications are being created everyday. The small programs which run on mobile devices are called "apps" which is just sh ( Full Answer )

Application of Computer?


What are applications of computer?

A computer application refers to a program that has an executablefile for installation. After installing it, the computer user canperform a particular task using the application.

What are the applications of computer?

applications means there are some Application like this 1):- Business & industry 2):- Science & Technlogy 3):- Defence 4):- Entertainment 5):- Education

What are the applications of computers?

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Applications on computer?

There are many applications on computer. These application includeones that organize, file, and store very important information forlater use.

Computer application in government?

In government operations, computers can come in handy in recordtaking and storage. The government can hold migration, census andaddress records of the citizens for smooth planning.

How do you utilize computer application in hrm?

With a computer application we can track employees details and alsocommunicate with them. If some updates or notes are needed to befiled ,that could also be done.

What are the different applications of computer in the society?

there are so many applications of computer in our society....first one is the spread sheet....spread sheet is a computer program for manipulation and retrieval especially for tabulated figures for accounting....such a sheet of computer program simulated by electronically for computer software......s ( Full Answer )

Mathematical applications of computer?

use to calculate the salary details of employee and their contribution to the funds. use to calculate the salary details of employee and their contribution to the funds

What is the application of computer in travel?

There is a very wide application of computer in the travel sector.It is used as storage for database, it allows clients to do onlinebooking and so much more.

What are the jobs after bachelor of computer application?

computer operatior is only available job for the bca student in chhattisgarh , but however, a bechlor of computer application person are availble for computer opertor, our standard post is as a programmer.......

What is Computer Programs and computer applications?

Computer programs and applications are run on the computer for a use (fun, info, programming, etc.), and take up space on a HDD or Diskette.They also utilize RAM, internal and external drives

Applications of computer in defense?

Controlling UAV or unmanned air-crafts an example is Predator. If you have cable I would recommend watching the shows " Future Weapons" and " Modern Marvels". The show future weapons gives an entire hour to the predator. They are also used on Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) that uses G ( Full Answer )

Computer application in finance?

What we call PC computing basically started i order to use spreadsheets for preparing financial accounts both for quarterly reporting and in the course of audit. Visicalc was replaced by Lotus 1-2-3 which was largely replaced by MS Excel. Spreadsheet widgets remain a viable third-party softwar ( Full Answer )

What is a computer and what are the applications of computer?

A COMPUTER IS: A computer is a programmable http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Machine that receives input, stores and manipulates data and provides output in a useful format. AN APPLICATION IS: Application software , also known as an application , or an app , is designed to help the user per ( Full Answer )

Business application of computer notes?

computer application mean is all types of computer work can easily written and notes in the computer that is called computer application

What is the applications of computers in chemical engineering?

Computers play a vital role in almost every aspect of Modern Chemical Engineering 1. Chemical engineers use super-computers to simulate complex chemical processes and plant operations. 2. Chemical engineers use Computational Fluid Dynamics to simulate flow systems and advanced heat transfer prob ( Full Answer )

What are the types of computer application?

Compter application are different programs that allow you to perfom a certain task, e.g if you want to type a document u have to use word, u are actually aplying. By SIBUSISO SKAY JOHANES KHOZA

What happens when a computer starts a computer application?

A program starts a series of commands (instructions) that load different files into the RAM. These files (such as text, data and images) are then displayed on the desktop as a window. For web browsers it is the same except it also downloads data from the internet.

What applications are installed into programming computers?

There are a lot of applications that can be installed in order to program. It depends on your knowledge and training ability. Some of the most famous programming languages are: - C++ - VB\C#.NET - C - Delphi - ...

What is the application of computer language in computer?

Hey, guessing you want to design a computer program, Well Ok, First just a bit of advice, it will take alot time for anything other than a number guessing game, So.. 1. Choose which language, C++, C#, C or JAVA, Python etc, Loads out there 2. Read there tutorials 3.Find a "Compiler" and goo ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a software application from your computer?

DownloadLeawo Video Converter to convert video formats Leawo software lets you Video Converter can convert all videoformats without exception, it's capable of converting videos ofhigh quality compressed videos to any format you specify. You canuse Leawo Video Converter to convert video formats to ( Full Answer )

What are applications of computer in biology?

In recent decades, biologists have began to study what is known as "systems biology". Basically, elements within a biological system are studied with respect to other elements. By combining all the elements together, a holistic model for the system can be created. Computers have been used to study s ( Full Answer )

What are computer applications in e-business?

eBusiness (e-Business), or Electronic Business, is the administration of conducting business via the internet. This would include the buying and selling of goods and services, along with providing technical or customer support through the Internet. e-Business is a term often used in conjunction with ( Full Answer )

What are the different application of computer with meaning?

Application software includes end-user applications of computers such as word processors or video games, and ERP software for groups of users. . Middleware controls and co-ordinates distributed systems. . Programming languages define the syntax and semantics of computer programs. For ( Full Answer )

What you are expected to know about computer applications?

If you are asking about creating a application, you would need to know different programming codes. VB.net may be the best to start out as Microsoft Visual Basic will basically do all visual work for you. If you are asking about running a application, the only thing you need to know is will it work ( Full Answer )

Is Auto Cad a computer application?

Yes - it's a design tool, used primarily by engineers, designers and other technical staff to help them create new products or modify existing designs.

What does a menu in computer application contains?

A Menu, simply means 'A list of options'. With regards to computer applications, a menu is a small list of options that you can choose to perform within the application. For example, If you use Microsoft word, and you click on the "File" button on the top left of your screen, it will drop down ( Full Answer )

What is StartMen Application in the computer system?

startmen application.exe is part of CpqStartMenu Module developed by Compaq Computer Corporation. This task is responsible for a hardware piece in your system. It offers additional configuration options and support for this device

What is the difference between a computer and computer application?

A computer is a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a finite set of arithmetic or logical operations. A computer application, or application software, is computer software written using a programming instructions. The instructions of a computer application are executed on a ( Full Answer )

What are the different applications of computers nowadays?

1. Personal and general tasks. This includes spreadsheets, databases, word processing, email, and web browsing. 2. Entertainment, gaming and media. Media applications take more computing than general tasks, and fast-paced games and first person shooter games are even more demanding. 3. Media c ( Full Answer )

What applications do you need to keep on your computer?

Never delete anything from the WINDOWS folder in 'my computer'. This folder holds everything important that the computer need to run such as program files. The most important folder in WINDOWS is "System 32", never delete it.

How computer application used in hospital?

If you are to be a secretary, you need to know which patients are in the rooms. If you arfe going to be a doctor, you need to organize patients files on a hardrive. Also, you may need to look up unknown deseases and store this newfound knowledge into the database. Some doctors keep the differents cu ( Full Answer )

How is diskpart used in a computer application?

'Diskpart' is a command-line ability used in Windows operating systems. Diskpart can be used to create partitions on a hard drive, allowing for organization and storage of data.

What are broad application of computer?

The computer are used in almost every imaginable places, some of the major application of computer though are: . In Science and Technology: Computers help in computing of complex mathematical equation which will otherwise will take decades to solve the problem. . In military : Computer help in d ( Full Answer )

What are the application areas of computer system?

Computer science is a very vast field to study. Application of computer system can be seen in almost every field like schools, banks, railways, reservation, online application etc.

What organizatios that use computer application?

Banks,hospitals,harbour,airports, scools, universities and ext... Just about everyone has used a computer application at one point oranother. If you ever used an automated teller machine (ATM) to interact withyour bank account, you used a mainframe. Today, computer applications play a central role ( Full Answer )